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What Is a Virtual Legal Assistant and How to Become One

As a virtual legal assistant (VLA), you provide remote administrative support for lawyers at a law firm. Your responsibilities may vary depending on the needs of your employer but you typically work from home or another setting outside of the office using the internet. You may spend your workday organizing legal files, conducting research, handling scheduling and clerical functions, preparing legal briefs, and performing other paralegal duties in support of an attorney or a law practice.

The qualifications that you need to start a career as a virtual legal assistant include at least a high school diploma or GED certificate and previous experience at a law firm. If you lack relevant experience, you may wish to earn a postsecondary certificate or an associate degree in paralegal studies or legal studies. Students who are pursuing a law degree may work as legal assistants during their schooling. To excel as a VLA, you need strong communication, organizational, and research skills, as well as an understanding of legal terminology and processes. A reliable internet and phone connection, computer proficiency, and knowledge of industry software programs are also essential.