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ZipRecruiter has made our hiring process faster and easier than ever before. As a professional staffing organization, it's critical to our business to efficiently deliver high quality candidates to our clients. That's what our clients have come to expect from us. We are always at the forefront of looking for ways to enhance and improve our services. That's how we came across ZipRecruiter. We have used every resource out there from LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, Indeed, etc. For our money's worth, nothing brings us greater value than ZipRecruiter. They have a lot of features to help streamline the sourcing and recruiting process. For instance, we only really need to post a job on ZipRecruiter because the posting reaches out to over a hundred leading job boards & social networks with just one click. Moreover, the job postings pro-actively work for us by sending job seekers email alerts with postings that are tailor made for their skills. We owe a lot of our recent success to ZipRecruiter. In fact, Lighthouse Management Group was just awarded one of the "Best Staffing Firms to Work For" in North America by Staffing Industry Analysts, the leading global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions. The future is bright for us and ZipRecruiter will be a resource that will continue to spearhead our growth."

- Song Woo, Lighthouse Management Group

ZipRecruiter has allowed us to reach different types of candidates actively as well as passively. We value diversity with our firm so being able to reach candidates with different types of work backgrounds is key. Our current ad package allows us to post the right amount of ads to reach the candidates that will diversify our company and offer amazing opportunities. As a sales company that is growing very quickly our recruitment never ends. During slower times of recruiting, the resume database is key. We are still able to source and reach those that can be a great match for our positions and company culture."

- Stephanie Melas, LTG Marketing & Development, Inc.

As a growing start-up focused on raising money for pet shelters and rescues, we have need to add specific skill sets to our team. By using ZipRecruiter, the platform works seamlessly in developing the job description, managing candidates, and not allowing this part of my job to become overwhelming amongst all of the other duties I have to achieve as the CEO."

- John Hussey, PoundWishes

ZipRecruiter has provided a quick and efficient pathway for getting our job openings proper exposure with the least amount of pain and hassle possible. Previously, we would post job openings to individual recruitment platforms and websites with only local exposure. Now, we have access to candidates nationwide and ZipRecruiter's platform conveniently formats and presents the candidates in aggregate and individual forms. The layout is easy to use and makes the candidate review process much less painful."

- James M. Smedley, The Sigma Law Group

With ZipRecruiter posting on 100+ job boards, with every posting we saw an immediate increase of the number of applicants we were receiving. We hire for 176 locations in 15 states so getting quality candidates quickly is incredibly important to us. ZipRecruiter helps us filter candidates and brings us better quality candidates in a quick time frame. In addition the support that [they] have shown us in the last year has been fantastic, [they] are always willing to help make us better. Thank you!!"

- Jennifer Hansen, RMH, Applebee's

ZipRecruiter has helped our organization gain additional exposure and has totally opened our talent pool. Zip has enabled us to obtain target talent for a very, very niche market (Safety Industry)."

- Nate Hazelwood, Safety Management Group

Our company has almost tripled in size during the last two years. We were spending hundreds of dollars to post one ad on one site, when we were looking to fill several different positions. On top of that, we didn't even have a way to track resumes. We were calling people in again who we had already interviewed, not realizing we sent them a rejection letter a few months before! ZipRecruiter allows me to track resumes, schedule interviews, make notes, send emails and extend offer letters under one program. There's no need to pass a paper resume to several managers anymore. They can sign in to ZipRecruiter, make their own notes, and nothing gets lost."

- Caroline L'Heureux, REDCOM Design & Construction LLC

ZipRecruiter is a fantastic source for our company to find employees. In our line of work, we need multiple candidates for all different types of positions. This would normally require spending a large amount of money running ads in different areas for each type of position. ZipRecruiter allows us to give a simple job description and in return we receive numerous job seekers with matching skills in those described areas. Not only does ZipRecruiter reach out to a wide variety of job recruiting sites, they also allow for resumes and emails to be sent to us automatically without having to search, which saves an abundance of time. You know what they say...time is money! That is definitely the truth when it comes to trying to please numerous companies with our great selection of employees! In order to keep our business running, our selection of employees have to be both good and abundant! ZipRecruiter has been a great partner in helping us to achieve all of our business goals."

- Angelic Hobart, American Staffing

Every company, regardless of size, has issues finding great candidates. The most difficult challenge is being noticed by the thousands of candidates hungry for opportunity when there are so many different websites and services available to that candidate. That is where ZipRecruiter shines the brightest. Since using ZipRecruiter's services, we have exponentially raised our company's awareness level to amazing candidates, many of which have joined the Galpin Family. Our hiring success is not solely attributed to the extensive websites that ZipRecruiter posts our job listing on, it's also attributed to the care that ZipRecruiter has in making our job listing successful. Our account manager stays in constant contact with us to educate us how we can reach more candidates by making surprisingly simple and creative changes to our listing. Their personal service, great attitude, easy to use website and interface have given us the results that truly make a difference in our hiring strategy."

- Joseph Uphoff, Galpin Honda

ZipRecruiter is a very easy to use program for any employer. Matrix has seen great success from posting jobs to searching and finding qualified candidates. We definitely recommend any employer searching for great/top talent to use ZipRecruiter."

- Dee Kassa, Matrix Medical Network

ZipRecruiter makes looking for qualified candidates a breeze. Instead of having to post on all sites individually, we only have to publish and make changes in one single place. The staff are awesome and really understand our needs. ZipRecruiter saves us money, but most importantly it saves us time!"

- Beverley Theresa, Top Draw

We have been using ZipRecruiter since the day it came out. It has been the only constant in our ever changing array of platforms we use to recruit candidates. Our people get placed in the top most recognizable brands and the hottest start-ups that are known and unknown. We use ZipRecruiter to put companies on the proverbial map."

- Vito Chesky, Iconstaff

With having three locations and no HR Department, ZipRecruiter allows me to set up additional users with customized access for our managers, so resumes can be sent directly to them. This speeds up the hiring process and helps us get resumes to the correct managers."

- Tim Lower, R & R, Inc.

Running a true 24/7 call center has many challenges. At the top of this list is finding quality employees. ZipRecruiter has eliminated the headaches of properly staffing, while helping us dramatically increase our efficiency. With ZipRecruiter, we have been able to fill all shifts, while keeping our retention numbers high due to the quality of the candidates. Overall, our company has been able to shift our focus to sales and delivery which has increased our profitability. ZipRecruiter isn't just a service, [they have] become a valued partnership. We truly appreciate your team and technology."

- Steve Wachs, Live Reps Call Center

We work with children with autism and developmental delays providing early intensive behavior services. Coyne has a reputation for best practice training in our field and we are constantly challenged by recruiting the right individuals for this type of challenging yet rewarding work. ZipRecruiter has allowed us to streamline and systematize our recruiting practices across 3 regions of Southern California to further improve the applicants that we screen, interview, hire etc. The ZipRecruiter team frequently reaches out to us to help us improve our postings. This collaborative relationship is what sets ZipRecruiter apart from its competitors."

- Tiffany Bauer, Coyne & Associates Education Corp.

ZipRecruiter has made my hiring process faster and easier than ever due to the immediate job posting on multiple sites for a reasonable cost, easy desktop or mobile candidate applications, social sharing options, easy resume database search, excellent user interface, and various tools to help me manage my time and source the best candidates. For example, the system has areas for notes and status of a candidate such as contacted, screened, interviewed, hired, etc. These notations work well when collaborating with other recruiters who work on with me as the notes and tools track the candidate's cycle, and we can help them and our clients much more efficiently. Additionally, ZipRecruiter has tags parsing out from applicant resumes the specific job requirements listed in the posting and even sends me suggestions for other qualified candidates from their massive system. Their job performance reports are very useful as well. The export tool that posts my Zip jobs automatically to my website jobs page saves me time and looks great. It simultaneously updates my site with a very professional looking posting that is custom and branded. Their sales and technical support are great. I give Zip a thumbs up!"

- Mary Beth Monzingo, MONZINGO | LEGAL

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