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An online job board (or job site) is a valuable resource for employers and job seekers. Employers who need to grow their team can post and advertise their open positions, and job seekers can search, find, and apply to jobs with ease. Traditional job boards were physical boards where job listings were posted and advertised, but today the majority of jobs are posted to online website aggregates. Since job sites are faster and simpler to use, job sites have effectively replaced physical job boards over the past decade. Most employers prefer job sites because they can help save time and resources and make it simple to create listings that reach a large number of people fast. Job seekers prefer job sites because they can apply to more jobs in less time and with less effort, and search and apply for jobs located in cities throughout the country. Today, thousands of job sites exist, and more are created each day to help connect people to the right opportunities. Job sites can include listings for all types of jobs in every industry, or they can be industry-specific and designed to provide job content to a niche group of job seekers.

ZipRecruiter is more than a job site: it is a leading online employment marketplace. Powered by AI-driven smart matching technology, ZipRecruiter actively connects millions of businesses and job seekers through innovative mobile, web, and email services, as well as partnerships with the best job sites on the web. When employers post a job to ZipRecruiter, it is posted to and sent to our network of 100+ job sites, instantly. Our marketplace reaches over 12M candidates per week* through a dynamic mix of channels and our partner job site network.

ZipRecruiter reaches 12M+ job seekers a week* on a mix of channels and instantly sends jobs to 100+ leading, relevant job sites to save employers time and effort and reach the most qualified candidates where they look for jobs. ZipRecruiter is powered by the smartest job matching technology anywhere. That means, instead of waiting for candidates to search for jobs, we match qualified job seekers to the right opportunities. Our AI matching technology analyzes millions of data points to learn how to engage the right candidates with the right jobs. When a candidate finds a job they’d like to apply for in our partner network, they are directed to ZipRecruiter to set up a candidate profile and apply to the job or to the employer's apply page.

ZipRecruiter has strategically partnered with 100+ leading job sites, so we can send jobs to the most relevant platforms where candidates are searching for new opportunities. We have partnered with Google, Facebook, and social networks like Twitter. Since millions of candidates start their job search on Google, we automatically feed employers’ jobs into the Google job search index, so jobs can appear directly in Google Search results. Employers can also upload job posts directly to their Facebook business page from their ZipRecruiter dashboard.