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Guaranteed traffic to your jobs!

What is TrafficBoost?

When competition for talent is high, or you have a tough position to fill, simply apply a TrafficBoost. Your job will get increased placement and maximum visibility across a mix of channels, driving up to 10x more candidates, on average, to your post.1

How does TrafficBoost promote my job?

TrafficBoost provides increased placement for your job on, partner sites, and in job alert emails. Your job gets an increased ranking score, which boosts its visibility in search results. Apply a TrafficBoost, and your job is promoted for up to 30 days or until it receives 100 views.

What are TrafficBoost Credits?

Credits are just another way of purchasing TrafficBoost. One credit = 1 Boost. Instead of buying boosts one at a time, you can pre-purchase credits and save on each boost. Use credits on any job. Credits are good for up to 3 months after purchase. Get TrafficBoost Credits.

How do TrafficBoost subscriptions work?

With a TrafficBoost subscription, you will get a set number of boost credits every month. You can apply those credits to any active job. Note: Any unused credits do not roll-over to the next month and will be forfeited.

How much traffic can I get?

You can buy a "single boost" for up to 100 views, or a "double boost" for up to 200 views, or a "triple boost" for up to 300 views of a single job. We will promote your job for up to 30 days to deliver the maximum number of views of your job posting.

Can you guarantee traffic to my job?

While we can't guarantee a set number of views of your job, if you're not totally satisfied with your results, we are happy to work with you to maximize traffic to your job. Please email us at

Why the rocket?

Rockets are powerful and they're fast, which is how you will fill your job with TrafficBoost.

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