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After only 3 weeks of becoming a member at ZipRecruiter, I received 4(!!!) job offers, I now am utilizing my nursing license at a job in the Antelope Valley which is where I live and let me say it's a very rare and fantastic opportunity to have this job so close to home. My favorite tool that I benefited from were the customizable emailed job alerts and I was very pleased with the accuracy and quantity of alerts provided. Thank you ZipRecruiter, now I'll have enough money to throw my young son an awesome birthday party! :-) To all those job seekers reading this, you can rest assure that this is the only search engine you'll need and you'll be working in no time!!!"

- Elizabeth R.

Thanks to ZipRecruiter, I applied and instantly received an interview opportunity. Within a few days, I was hired. This was the easiest experience I have had with online job searches and it really produced results. Thanks again."

- Kimberly S.

Found a job as a Front End Developer and applied through my iPhone with the ZipRecruiter app! Very easy to search for jobs and apply in one tap/click. I applied on a Friday afternoon, received a call the following Monday morning, followed by a half day of interviewing, and received an offer a week after the first call."

- Muriel G.

Located in Illinois. ZipRecruiter's apply via my phone options made it incredibly easy for me to submit to jobs at lightning speed. You also showed me positions looking to hire that many other job sited did not! I am amazed at how quickly ZipRecruiter helped me to find this job!"

- C.G.

Account manager in commercial insurance. Thank you so much for letting me use your website."

- Mary H.

After posting my resume within a couple days I had possible employers contacting me. After several interviews I decided to accept a position with a company not to far from home. I was skeptical, now I am a believer."

- Donald M.

This was amazing! I found a job weeks after trying ZipRecruiter. I recommend this place to anyone."

- Juan V.

Ziprecruiter is so awesome...Thanks for everything!"

- Damiano D.

I found a job in Chicago, Il as a mechanical design engineer through this website."

- Patrick J.

I used many, many job search engines during my rather extended quest. My background is in an industry that has suffered much during this current extended economic downturn, and at a rather high level that doesn't see a lot of turnover, even less so in times like these. For some reason, I came upon ZipRecruiter late in the game, but it happened to be the one that worked! I nearly gave up hope several times. I can only say that I am more than relieved, and more than pleased that with ZipRecruiter I was able to tailor a search to my specific needs, and get to the right person, at the right time. Good luck to everyone out there. It can and will turn around, just work at it every day, no matter how hopeless you may periodically feel. Don't be discouraged by interviews that don't go your way, either, look at it as good practice for when the position you really want comes along."

- Rob H.

I have been looking for work with many job boards, but found my job here!"

- Dave H.

The very first job I applied for using Zip Recruiter, I immediately got an interview and was hired on the spot!"

- Alison R.

Found the job on your site. Was signed up for several different sites...Other advice: Keep trying & don't give up. There are jobs out there & a lot of people appyling for them. Just keep trying."

- Candy C.

I got hired as a Insurance agency office manager."

- Almina K.

I live in New Jersey and found a job in NJ. I am working as a Executive Assistant. I used every job sarch possible but got this job through I would say you should be sending your resume out to at least 25 places per day. I had tons of interviews and second interviews but the first one that offered the job, I took. Your format of your resume is very important too. Good luck all!"

- Rosalyn B.

Thanks to your wonderful job engine -- I discovered BTE Technologies! The online application was short and to the point."

- Chastity H.

Thank you all very much. Its because of your business I found this job."

- Leo B.

Looked on ZipRecruiter and found it. I applied and I was contacted two days later and got the job."

- Christopher R.

After months of flooding my resume and CV out on the internet, applying here and other places, I finally found a job that fit my requirements for what I wanted and needed. It will allow me to continue on doing what I am good at while teaching me new practices to sharpen my existing skills and gather new ones."

- Brian R.

I was alerted about every job within 60 miles and I found a great one after months of looking."

- Rachel K.

I found the job on the internet at I'm current residing in Wilmington NC area. I'm interested in the Marketing field. The internet seems to be extremely helpful, one must be patient and persistent with their job search."

- Marie B.

I got hired on with Retail Integrity thanks to this posting on ZipRecruiter! I was located in Winnsboro, LA at the time and they put me right to work the next couple of days after complettion of paperwok which was a very quick process...ZipRecruiter is a great tool and has all the new positions available and it is very accurate with what is open in the town you are in...hope your search is as easy as mine was!"

- Cheryl H.

Administrative Assistant Position in Pasadena. I found my job through ZipRecruiter. Thank you!"

- Morgan O.

I start with Callis Communications on Monday. Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me."

- TJ E.

Advanced search was helpful since it saved time looking for the same match on a daily basis."

- Enrique A.

VP of HR. Applying for jobs was very fast and easy with ZipRecruiter!"

- Jim E.

I got hired with Core Technologies in Norcross, GA. I would never have found it if I had not looked on ZipRecruiter. It was a long interview process, and I don't start until Friday, but hopefully it will work out well. The only advice I can really give for someone looking for a job is to be organized with applications and persistent in finding a job. Also, don't be afraid to get help and it never hurts to have one more person look over your resume and cover letter."

- Heon S.

I found my new job online. I'm service HVAC Service Tech. The e-mail of job listings was where I found my position. For other people out there looking for work ~ Don't give up and fight for the job you want! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE HELP!"

- Richard D.

Director of Facilities, upstate NY, ZipRecruiter was great and quick to use. Thanks!"

- Alfred M.

Yes, I have found a job thanks to all the search help I received from all of you"

- Laura P.

You guys helped me find a job. Keep being awesome! Thank you so much! I can't say it enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you, etc."

- Lloyd S.

Employer pulled my resume' from and called me. Imagine that! After an initial interview and then meeting with the owner today, I offered the Office Management position on the spot. Great pay and benefits, so of course I accepted."

- Donna G.

I found a local driving route with the help of It was exactly what I was looking for, a route that brings me home every night. Thanks!!!"

- Cammiyum W.

I got a really great job within a week of using ZipRecruiter. This site has been a Godsent after 5 months of looking for jobs in person I was on here uploaded my resume and started sending them out...this was a Monday I had the job. Exceptional service. Now I am working toward a better life and future for my family and myself. I LOVE MY NEW JOB!"

- Jared D.

I started using ZipRecruiter and about a month later I landed the best job I ever had. Now, I am on a professional pathway that has changed my life. Thank you ZipRecruiter!!!"

- Samuel W.

With the help of ZipRecruiter I was able to get an interview with College Glasses LLC and they hired me! I've only been a member of for about two weeks but your services really helped! Thanks for everything."

- Stewart E.

I am now a sales consultant at a Corporate Intelligence Firm. My biggest resource was recruiters as well as keeping up on new jobs on ZipRecruiter."

- Brittany P.

I was sent an email regarding a customer service position in my area and I applied through ZipRecruiter. I GOT THE JOB!!! It was the first one I applied for through the website too. Thank you very much ZR. I now have my dream career."

- Amy B.

Using your service I found a job in six weeks as apposed to one year three months. Plus, found myself where I had two offers in this economy."

- C.F.

I found a great Project Management job in Dallas, TX using ZipRecruiter. The job was sent to me on one of my email searches and it was a strong match for the resume I had previously uploaded. Despite the fact their were a large number of applicants, I was called in for an interview (and my cover letter was specifically mentioned) and was later offered the job. My cover letter concisely displayed how my skills and previous job experience would fit with the job as it was described in the listing and I believe that was why I was brought in."

- Nicholas V.

My First Interview i got hired. This is a great site for finding jobs and consolidating all the important search engines like Dice and Indeed for technically specific jobs."

- Michele W.

Thank you for your job alert service! Most job boards have expired jobs that have been filled. ZipRecruiter was one of the more reputable job boards that I trusted considerably! Hired for a 5 year contract in Philadelphia. Tier 2 Technical Support Engineer. Thanks."

- Eugene A.

I got a job as a presenter at the KENNEDY SPACE CENTER"

- Barry I.

I signed up to ZipRecruter on 12-27-13, and immediately got an alert for the perfect job for me. I am astounded! It's Jan. first, and I was hired yesterday! I'm starting 2014 with a new carreer that has more potential than any position I've ever held! Thank you ZipRecruiter, and Happy New Year!"

- Chuck F.
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