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Phil makes it easier for people to discover work they love. Designed to be like a career advisor, Phil is powered by ZipRecruiter’s AI technology and is constantly learning and getting smarter through every interaction with you.

Phil does the hard work to find you the right opportunities—and helps you spend less time searching for jobs. Phil gives you tips to improve your odds of getting hired and sends you updates when an employer views your application or gives you a “thumbs up” rating. That way, you're not left in the dark in your job search.

No. Phil is powered by machine-learning AI (artificial intelligence).

At this time, Phil cannot respond to individual emails. We are working to add that to Phil’s long list of capabilities. Until then, head to the ZipRecruiter Help Center for additional support.

Phil uses a variety of ZipRecruiter algorithms to determine what jobs you may be right for. These algorithms take into account your experience, interests, career goals and more, then Phil matches you to the right job.

Based on your profile, Phil seeks out employers that are looking for candidates with your skills and experience. Then, Phil presents your resume to them.

Your feedback is how Phil learns and improves, so the more engagement, the better. If you haven't already, be sure to:Upload your resumeComplete your ZipRecruiter profile by adding your work experience, education, skills and certificationsRate the jobs that Phil sends you by giving them a thumbs up or down