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What Is a Virtual Event Planner and How to Become One

Virtual Event Planner

What Does a Virtual Event Planner Do?

As a virtual event planner, your duties focus on helping clients plan meetings, events, or celebrations. This is a remote position in which your responsibilities depend on the type of events you plan and the needs of each client. You provide an initial online consultation with clients to determine their needs and budget. You then design the party, wedding, meeting, or celebration, and coordinate with vendors to provide services. You also handle schedule planning. Some virtual event planners work online but go to the venue during the event, while others work solely online.

How to Become a Virtual Event Planner

The qualifications and skills you need to start working as a virtual event planner include training or equivalent job experience, connections with vendors, and organizational skills. You also need to ability to listen to clients and ensure you meet their needs. A virtual event planner must be adept at communicating online. You can prepare for this career by earning a degree in hospitality or obtaining a postsecondary certificate in event planning. Some planners learn skills by working as an assistant to an event planner. You can also become a Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP) through the International Live Events Association.