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What Is an Entry Level Music Industry and How to Become One

What Are Entry-Level Music Industry Jobs?

There are entry-level music industry jobs in numerous fields, including talent management, promotion, audio engineering, and administration. Your responsibilities in an entry-level music industry job may vary significantly, ranging from providing personal assistance to ensuring that crew or band equipment arrives at a location on-time. As a manager, your primary duties are to manage bands, coordinate music tours, and ensure musicians meet their professional engagements. Music industry marketing professionals promote bands or a singer on a record label. Technical personnel set up studios or concert venues.

What Are the Qualifications to Get an Entry-Level Music Industry Job?

The qualifications for an entry-level music industry job vary. For an entry-level personal assistant, management, or administrative position at a music studio, you typically need an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in marketing, law, finance, business administration, or a closely related field. Technical employees, such as audio engineers, need postsecondary training and previous experience, such as working at a radio station. Tour crew or concert venue workers should have mechanical and electrical skills, knowledge of musical equipment, and physical strength and stamina.