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What Is a Carpet Cleaner and How to Become One

Carpet Cleaner

What Is a Carpet Cleaner?

A carpet cleaner, or carpet cleaning technician, cleans carpets in homes, businesses, and other buildings. Their job involves preparing, cleaning, and inspecting the carpets. Other duties include preparing carpet cleaning chemicals, maintaining cleaning equipment, identifying heavily stained areas, and applying stain repellents. Some carpet cleaners offer additional cleaning services, such as cleaning upholstery or normal housekeeping tasks.

How to Become a Carpet Cleaner

No formal education or training is required to become a carpet cleaner. Qualifications include basic customer service experience and the ability to perform physical labor over the course of the entire day. On-the-job training is provided by most employers to teach employees about cleaning chemicals, equipment, and techniques. Those interested in starting their own carpet cleaning business need basic business experience as well as a business license in their state. Additional qualifications include knowledge of sales, marketing, and networking skills to attract and retain new clients.

Is Carpet Cleaning a Good Job?

Carpet cleaning requires operating heavy equipment and performing physical labor on a daily basis. It involves interacting directly with clients, including dealing with client complaints. A carpet cleaner often cleans several carpets in a day, so they spend time driving from location to location. As they gain experience, many carpet cleaners open their businesses or specialize in a specific area, such as high-end residences, where there is increased opportunity for a higher income.