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What Is an Autism Teacher and How to Become One

What Does an Autism Teacher Do?

Your basic duties as an autism teacher are the instruction of students who are on the autism spectrum. In this special education career, you assist students with classroom activities, daily learning, and study. In addition to helping your students complete their lessons, you may perform assessments and help facilitate the monitoring of your students' progress by other special education professionals. You may work one-on-one with a student, assist them with learning and communication in a regular classroom, or teach a class for multiple students with autism.

How to Become an Autism Teacher

The qualifications and skills you need to become an autism teacher depend on the level you teach and where you work. In a public school setting, you need a bachelor’s degree in education or special education and a state license to work as a special education teacher. Some schools may seek applicants with a master’s degree in special education. Every state has licensing requirements, but the exact requirements vary from state to state. You can gain experience and develop your skills by working as a special education assistant. This career requires patience, organization, and compassion.