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What Is a Travel Massage Therapist and How to Become One

Travel Massage Therapist

What Does a Travel Massage Therapist Do?

A travel massage therapist may provide services for clients in their home or office, or travel to a different hotel and spa locations. Your duties focus on giving massages to meet the needs of each client. Travel massage therapists can offer various styles of massage or focus on one method. If you provide service in different locations, you typically bring a portable massage table and sheets with you, and you carry the oils or lotions for each treatment. If you travel to work in a hotel or spa, your employer typically provides these supplies.

How to Become a Travel Massage Therapist

The qualifications that you need to become a travel massage therapist depends on where you work. Each state has different requirements for massage therapists, but you usually complete a recognized postsecondary certificate program and pass a state exam. During your studies, you can develop skills in one style of massage or study various techniques. If you travel to a client’s home, you also need to purchase supplies and get any required insurance coverage. Many hotels provide additional training so that you can handle your responsibilities in a manner that fits with the brand of the hotel or spa.