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Casino Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

What Are Different Jobs in a Casino?

A casino supports many different jobs. There are jobs at the gaming tables, jobs for people who manage the tables, security jobs, jobs to help people bet on sporting events, and jobs to ensure that there is no cheating going on in the gambling area. In addition to jobs related directly to helping people gamble, there are numerous hospitality and entertainment careers at a casino, such as cocktail servers, bartenders, restaurant workers, managers, entertainers, and valets. There are a number of jobs in legal services, sales, marketing, and maintenance. Casinos often have hotels, so hotel work is common as well.

Are Jobs In the Casino Industry In Demand?

There is not a strong demand for many jobs in the casino industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for the industry is projected to be around 2%. This is slower than the national average. In states that allow gambling, many casinos have been built, which has led to oversaturation in the market. Many of these casinos are failing, which has led to a drop-off in demand. Online gambling has also cut into casino profits and has led to fewer jobs.

How Can I Get a Job at a Casino?

The process for getting a job at a casino depends largely on the type of work you want to do. If you plan to work in legal services, for example, you need to have a law degree. If your wish is to become a dealer, you should have a high school diploma. You also need to take courses on the games you wish to operate. Typically, there is a separate course for every table. Some casinos offer these courses in exchange for a commitment to work at their facility. Other important skills for frontline casino workers include strong math and observational skills and excellent customer service. Many managerial positions require a bachelor’s degree. You also need to be 21 and pass a background check.

Is Working in a Casino a Good Career Choice?

Because demand is low, a career in casino work is not currently a good choice. While there may be some room for advancement, work is hard to come by, and many of the skills are not translatable to other jobs. Additionally, casino work is often repetitive and can be difficult because you may have to deal with people who have serious issues with money and gambling.