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What Is an Insurance Case Manager and How to Become One

Insurance Case Manager

What Is an Insurance Case Manager?

An insurance case manager’s duties are to ensure the delivery of health care benefits or other forms of insurance and related services to their clients and to oversee their clients’ cases. As an insurance case manager, you can work in a variety of settings but usually for insurance carriers and HMOs. Your responsibilities differ depending on who your employer is and the type of insurance you work with. For example, if you work for a life insurance company, your duties involve assessing risk, processing new application paperwork, and other tasks similar to that of an underwriter.

How to Become an Insurance Case Manager

To become an insurance case manager, you need the right educational qualifications as well as career experience in the insurance industry. Because you can work with various types of insurance, like medical or life, the qualifications vary depending on the exact position. Some employers consider applicants who have an associate degree in a subject such as accounting or finance plus a year of experience, while others accept candidates with a high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate combined with several years of insurance experience, either working as insurance brokers or insurance advisors. Other essential qualities include excellent communication, math, problem-solving, and organizational skills.