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What Is an Electrical Project Manager and How to Become One

Electrical Project Manager

What Is an Electrical Project Manager?

An electrical project manager works to oversee the electrical aspects of a project. In this career, your duties often take place on construction sites. Your responsibilities may include working with various contractors involved in the project to coordinate jobs and schedules. You delegate tasks, source materials, and create an operations budget based on the needs of the client and the construction plans. You must create an overall plan or program to present to clients. You need the electrical engineering skills to troubleshoot and solve problems when other members of the team cannot.

How to Become an Electrical Project Manager

The qualifications that you need to start a career as an electrical project manager include a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, construction management, or a similar field. Though a bachelor’s degree is often a requirement, some employers may consider applicants who have five or more years of job experience on the job or a combination of experience and a general bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in electrical engineering. Even with a college degree, this management position usually requires previous electrical or construction experience.