Pharmacy Technician Job Description Sample Template

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Pharmacy Technician Job Summary

We are seeking an experienced, organized, and detail-oriented pharmacy technician to join our growing healthcare team. In this position, you will be responsible for retail transactions and prescription filling at the pharmacy counter. You should be comfortable working with other technicians, as well as handling all over-the-counter, FDA-regulated medications.

Pharmacy Technician Duties and Responsibilities

  • Greet customers and answer any and all questions regarding personal medications or general pharmacy products
  • Perform opening and closing duties, including acting as keyholder, turning the alarm system on and off, and sterilizing surfaces
  • Receive, validate, and process prescription orders
  • Speak to doctors and insurance agencies to resolve prescription cost discrepancies
  • Select, measure, and label appropriate prescriptions for patrons
  • Monitor inventory, both behind the counter and in the general pharmacy area
  • Perform administrative duties such answering calls and voicemails
  • Keep records of all transactions
  • Comply with all safety and security regulations

Pharmacy Technician Requirements and Qualifications

  • Familiarity with pharmacy law and medical terminology
  • 1+ years experience in a pharmacy setting
  • Excellent customer service skills; strong interpersonal communication skills

Nice to Have

  • Experience with an online prescription system preferred but not required
  • Completion of a pharmacy technician program preferred but not required
  • Pharmacy technician certification preferred but not required

Similar Job Titles

  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Pharmacist

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