Spin Master Saves an Average of 10+ Recruiting Hours Per Job

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Man examining a toy car


  • Hired product managers, designers, suppliers & more
  • Saved an average of 10+ recruiting hours per job, compared to other platforms
  • Cut sourcing costs by 15%, compared to other platforms


Founded in 1994 by three friends with one toy idea, Spin Master has grown into a leading multi-platform children’s entertainment company with offices spanning the globe.


Spin Master has experienced incredibly aggressive 25% YoY growth. On top of that, the toy market has evolved significantly over the years and Spin Master has gone from being a traditional toymaker (which made inanimate plastic objects) to a more digital, physical strategy.

With that shift, came a change in the composition of their entire workforce. Suddenly, they needed to hire product designers and software engineers (among many other roles) to keep up with new industry demands. So in order to continue to bring innovative ideas to life and ‘wow’ customers, they needed to reach a high volume of great candidates—across a wide range of roles.


Spin Master utilized ZipRecruiter’s AI technology to improve candidate sourcing and fill roles across the organization. ZipRecruiter also provided them with a dedicated team who helped optimize their recruitment campaigns.


With ZipRecruiter, they were able to hire for key roles across the organization. They saw an increase in candidate quality and speed, compared to other sourcing tools, and recruiter efficiency improved. By expanding their candidate reach, Spin Master has been able to remain competitive as the toy industry continues to grow and evolve.

“ZipRecruiter is driving quality into the business at the lowest possible cost. And if you look at cost across platforms, it is the most cost-efficient by far and away!”

Simon De Matteo
Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Spin Master