Lids Sees a 15% Increase in Apply Rates Across All Retail Roles

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  • Saw a significant increase in applicant volume and quality
  • Decreased average time-to-fill store manager positions by 31 days
  • Relied on ZipRecruiter to establish a consistent nationwide job posting strategy and support company growth


With over 1,100 locations across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, Australia and Mexico, Lids Inc. is a leading international sports retailer specializing in headwear and fan gear.


To support new store openings and combat high rates of industry turnover, Lids typically needs to fill between 7,000 and 10,000 roles a year. On top of that, they must frequently adjust their staff to accommodate busier retail seasons and new brand partnership opportunities.

However, without a unified job posting strategy, store managers struggled to meet demanding hiring goals. In fact, Carlie Mueller, Sr. Manager of Talent at Lids says, “Our managers were trying to find candidates by doing what they thought worked best in their region. They’d advertise jobs on random sites and the results were not great. We really needed one effective way to get our jobs in front of lots of people.”


Lids partnered with ZipRecruiter to increase applicant traffic and establish a company-wide approach for candidate sourcing and job posting. ZipRecruiter’s powerful AI matched them with thousands of qualified candidates they were previously missing out on. Lids also used ZipRecruiter’s Resume Database to proactively reach out to passive candidates during busier nationwide hiring events and store openings—instead of waiting for them to apply.


Lids saw a 15% increase in apply rates across all retail roles and a significant improvement in candidate quality. They eliminated other tools that were not delivering and now rely on ZipRecruiter as their primary recruitment source to support company growth.

ZipRecruiter has given us that competitive edge we were missing before. Not only do we get our jobs in front of more qualified people, but we have access to their resume database which allows us to be proactive.”
Carlie Mueller
Sr. Manager of Talent at Lids