Centuri Group, Inc. Increases Revenue by Filling Roles 5 Days Faster

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  • Grew apply rate to 15% over than the industry average
  • Increased applicant traffic by +10%
  • 2/3 of hires made with ZipRecruiter helped Centuri meet diversity goals


Centuri Group, Inc. is a trusted provider of natural gas and electric construction services across North America.


Due to the nature of the business—contract construction work that comes up on an as-needed basis—Centuri is required to staff up at a moment’s notice in locations all across North America. Each day Centuri is forced to delay the start of a project can be detrimental to the success of the business. In fact, Rishona Harris, Director of Talent Acquisition & Development at Centuri says, “If we don't staff up quickly enough after being awarded a contract, then we are starting in the hole. We lose revenue and jeopardize relationships with customers who are counting on us.”

For in-field roles like general laborers, the company’s goal is to hire and place qualified employees within 14 days of posting the position. However, it was taking Centuri an average of 22 days to secure the talent they needed—over 8 days past their target deadline.


Centuri turned to ZipRecruiter to expand their candidate reach and decrease their time-to-fill. ZipRecruiter’s AI identified candidates with the right skills and experience, delivering qualified applicants quickly. Their dedicated ZipRecruiter team helped them develop strategies to target hard-to-hire roles/regions and drive traffic to jobs within a few hours of posting.


Centuri sourced qualified candidates faster, decreasing their average time-to-hire by 5 days. They were also able to tap into a new talent pool and meet diversity hiring goals. With increased access to quality talent, Centuri was also able to take on additional projects and expand business revenue. ZipRecruiter has quickly become a top external source for candidates.

“ZipRecruiter delivers quality candidates faster than any other tool we’ve used, and in our business, time is everything! Hiring quickly means we can serve more customers and grow revenue faster.”

Rishona Harris
Director of Talent Acquisition & Development at Centuri Group, Inc.