auticon Recruits Highly Specialized Roles to Support Company Growth

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  • Hired software engineers, software developers, data analysts, and more
  • Decreased recruitment time by 50% and improved candidate quality with the addition of custom screening questions
  • Eliminated other recruitment tools and now rely on ZipRecruiter as primary recruitment tool


auticon is a technology consulting firm that helps clients with software development, business analytics, quality assurance, and more. They have worked with Fortune 500 brands across the globe but what makes the business truly unique is that all of their technologists are on the autism spectrum. In fact, auticon’s mission is to lower the underemployment rate in the autistic community.


To keep up with increased business demands and rapid company growth, auticon must constantly onboard new talent. However, because they have such specific candidate criteria, auticon had a difficult time finding enough qualified professionals to fill their open roles. Ivette Marina, COO at auticon says, “It was daunting to find the right candidates. We were spending a lot of time going through hundreds of resumes and we were not finding people who had the requirements we were looking for.”


auticon teamed up with ZipRecruiter to expand their talent pool. They implemented customizable screening questions to help prequalify candidates and save time. ZipRecruiter’s powerful AI matched auticon with candidates that had the skills and experience they needed. Ivette remarks, “Once we identify someone as a candidate that we want to see more of, ZipRecruiter finds that for us. That makes it so much easier to hire.”


With ZipRecruiter, auticon successfully hired software engineers, software developers, data analysts, and more. By implementing custom screening questions, they cut their recruitment time in half and saw a significant increase in candidate quality. auticon now relies on ZipRecruiter as their primary recruitment tool.

“ZipRecruiter is our number one hiring tool. We are looking for very specific candidates and they have the reach to find the right candidates with the right skills.”

Ivette Marina
COO at auticon