Allstate Significantly Drops Cost-Per-Recruit

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  • Met ambitious recruiting goals
  • Lowered cost-per-application and cost-per-recruit by double-digit percentages
  • Helped local agencies hire qualified licensed sales professionals


Since 1931, Allstate Insurance has offered high-quality coverage to people across the country. Whether rebuilding after a catastrophe or giving back to a local community, Allstate is committed to making a difference.


With over 10,000 local agencies nationwide, Allstate needs help recruiting thousands of qualified licensed sales professionals (LSPs) each year. According to Chip Cobler, Allstate Senior Program Consultant, “LSPs are crucial to Allstate’s success and the success of local agencies. That’s why we need a recruitment solution that provides a constant flow of great candidates.”


Allstate partnered with ZipRecruiter to meet ambitious recruiting goals. They used ZipRecruiter’s powerful AI to quickly source a high volume of qualified LSPs. Allstate Agency Owner Anna Crable says, “I have been so impressed at how many candidates we’ve wanted to hire through ZipRecruiter. Almost every candidate that comes through the door has the skills that I’m looking for.”

Candidates like Linda Nguyen. College-educated and looking for the next step in her career, Ms. Nguyen was just one of the many qualified hires that came through ZipRecruiter. Recalling her experience, she says, “ZipRecruiter sent me the job I was looking for right away. I just applied on my phone; it was so easy.”

“We get the right candidates through ZipRecruiter. They’ve really helped us hit our recruiting goal and the return on investment speaks for itself.”

Chip Cobler
Senior Program Consultant, Allstate


Allstate was able to expand their applicant pool, develop a more efficient recruiting process, and help Allstate agency owners hire the right candidates. What’s more, they lowered their cost-per-application and cost-per-recruit by double-digit percentages.