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What Is a Virtual Project Manager and How to Become One

Virtual Project Manager

What Is a Virtual Project Manager?

As a virtual project manager, you take control of a geographically dispersed team to accomplish a goal. Your job is to lead every worker on the team, set deliverable timelines for a project, and keep everyone on the same wavelength. A virtual project manager must have impeccable organizational skills because team members are frequently scattered across time zones. You also have excellent interpersonal skills and are skilled with VoIP and other technologies that facilitate communication. A virtual PM manages an entire project, in contrast to a virtual assistant who does specific tasks.

How to Become a Virtual Project Manager

To pursue a career as a virtual project manager, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in business management or another subject relevant to the industry in which you plan to work, like marketing or information technology. You also need prior experience as a project manager performing planning work in an office environment. Becoming certified through the Project Management Institute (PMI) or a similar organization can demonstrate your skills and give you a competitive advantage. Having a strong online presence can also help you find client leads through your network.