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What Is a Mumps Developer and How to Become One

Mumps Developer

What Does a MUMPS Developer Do?

MUMPS, or simply M, stands for Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System. Essentially, MUMPS is a database with a language of its own that is one of the oldest hospital database and language systems in the world. As a MUMPS developer, you use the MUMPS language and database to create software to support projects for various healthcare and clinical systems, financial institutions, and even space agencies. Your duties and responsibilities as a MUMPS developer vary based on what you are doing with the system, but generally speaking, you are creating new technologies using the MUMPS system as a base.

How to Become a MUMPS Developer

If you want a career as a MUMPS developer, it is essential that you understand that additional programming skills and language qualifications are important to maintain, as the MUMPS software is not updated much anymore and is not as widely used as some other programs. To become a MUMPS developer, you need at least a bachelor's degree in business or technology and experience in related development fields. You also need to understand and be fluent in working with a cache. Excellent communication skills and experience in the industry for which you are developing are also crucial.