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What Is a Long Distance Delivery Driver and How to Become One

Long Distance Delivery Driver

What Does a Long Distance Delivery Driver Do?

As a long distance delivery driver, your job is to drive a long-haul truck or van along a specified route to deliver products. Most long distance delivery drivers drive several hundred miles per day, but this job does not always require overnight stays. In this role, you also service your vehicle to ensure its reliability for future operations, consult with warehouse teams on the products to be moved, inventory each shipment, wrap products with additional protection blankets as needed, and manage the distribution of weight within the vehicle. Many long distance delivery drivers also help unload cargo, collect signatures, and report any vehicle issues or incidents seen along the road.

How to Become a Long Distance Delivery Driver

The primary qualifications for becoming a long distance delivery driver are a high school diploma and a valid commercial driver's license. Most employers prefer a year of experience in transportation, preferably moving similar types of goods over short distances. Some long-haul delivery drivers work in teams and regularly switch between being driver and passenger. You can use this scenario to gain experience before you start working independently. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a long distance delivery driver requires communication skills, a safe driving record, attention to detail, and the ability to pass a DOT medical screening.