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What Is a Label Designer and How to Become One

What Is the Job of a Description of a Label Designer?

Label designers create labels for product packaging. As a label designer, you may work independently or with a team to design labels for a variety of clients, which may include restaurants, retail stores, or winemakers. To develop a label, you research market trends, create a variety of design concepts drawn freehand or with graphic design programs, and present the designs to your client. Once a design is approved, you send the design into production.

How to Become a Label Designer

To become a label designer, complete a certificate program or earn a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, art, or a related field. Practice creating labels for a variety of products to build your portfolio. Acquire an entry-level position at a marketing or design firm to gain experience in the field. Once you have several years of experience and a substantial portfolio, seek label designer positions at a design firm, or you may cultivate your own clients as a freelance label designer.