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What Is a Knowledge Engineer and How to Become One

Knowledge Engineer

What Is a Knowledge Engineer?

A knowledge engineer works with data and computer systems with the goal of making the technology imitate human thought processes to solve problems that typically require expertise. Working in a sector of artificial intelligence within the information technology field, a knowledge engineer looks at everyday processes and determines what course of thought a human takes to make a decision or begin an activity. They then create computer systems reliant on this extensive data to guide a machine to simulate human cognition and problem-solving. The data validation process is a vital aspect of a knowledge engineer’s job. They must gather an accurate understanding of the tasks at hand and ensure that the data meets specific standards.

How Can I Get a Knowledge Engineer Job?

If you have qualifications that include experience in systems design, software programming, data analysis and validation, or information management, you can work as a knowledge engineer. This career involves duties related to the intersection of computer and human behavior, so you need an understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Your responsibilities also involve managing customer experiences and helping define and prioritize development efforts, so you need outstanding written and oral communication skills and good attention to detail. Many roles require experience with search engines, data classification, natural language processing, or related disciplines, and you should be able to contribute to product decisions and continuous improvement efforts.