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What Is a Construction Project Engineer and How to Become One

What Does a Construction Project Engineer Do?

A construction project engineer works on job sites to liaise with contractors, subcontractors, the client, and the construction project manager. In this career, you ensure that the work site is safe for workers and that the project proceeds in a safe and timely manner. You are in charge of planning out the project from meeting with the client about ideas and plan, to coming up with projections for timing and schedules. As the construction project engineer, you must be on site daily to ensure every member of the construction team is sticking to the designated schedule and is working safely as the project progresses.

How Can You Become a Construction Project Engineer?

To become a construction project engineer, you need a bachelor's degree in engineering. This degree focuses on math, physics, and mechanical design, giving you a robust background in the different aspects of engineering. It is a good idea to have a business background as well. Beyond these basic qualifications, your responsibilities may take you into government work, which requires you to earn your Professional Engineer's License. You cannot take a test to get this license right away, so you need to gain work experience in the private engineering world.

What Skills Do Successful Construction Project Engineers Have?

Successful construction project engineers have a high level of knowledge in the field of construction, both in regards to engineering and project management and business. Even though you work in a management capacity, you should enjoy doing hands-on work and be available to work potentially irregular hours. Finally, construction project engineers are incredibly detail oriented in their plans. You have to focus on a wide variety of duties at once including safety, planning, and problem-solving for all pieces of the project, so it's important that this set of skills is in your repertoire. Communication skills are also important in this role.