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What Is a Computer Programmer Work From Home and How to Become One

Computer Programmer Work From Home

What Does a Computer Programmer That Works From Home Do?

In a computer programmer work from home role, you typically have the same duties as a programmer who works in an office setting, except you complete them in a virtual or remote, home-based location. You follow instructions from a project manager, team leader, or software engineer and work to develop code and design principles, which are then converted into the software. You may work on a specific portion of software, and your coworkers may provide advice and direction for quality assurance purposes. Because you are home-based, you typically have a flexible schedule and can set your own hours.

How to Become a Computer Programmer Who Works From Home

To become a computer programmer who works from home, you need to have several qualifications, including educational attainment, professional experience, and a host of technical and time-management skills. The most common bachelor's degree for a computer programmer is in computer science, although some virtual programmers have engineering degrees or information technology degrees. You should have the ability to code in more than one language, and common coding languages include Python, PHP, Java, and C++. Your responsibilities also require you to have some familiarity with network tools, such as .Net and Apache protocols.