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What Is an Audio Visual Project Manager and How to Become One

Audio Visual Project Manager

What Is the Job of an Audio Visual Project Manager?

The responsibilities of an audiovisual (AV) project manager include supervising all personnel and activities related to audiovisual installation, construction, financing, scheduling, coordinating required resources, and collecting materials for an event. In this career, you are also responsible for ensuring a perfect execution while staying within the budget. You consult with clients on event details, maintain the contract, and ensure client satisfaction. Other duties include coordinating installation, programming equipment, testing, and troubleshooting. You are the primary person for all internal and external communications and documentation. You provide progress reports to the necessary parties or individuals at various points throughout the project. As an audio visual project manager, you travel and support event production at various venues including hotels, schools, and convention centers.

How Can I Become Qualified to Work as an Audio Visual Project Manager ?

Qualifications to become an audiovisual project manager include a high school diploma and at least six years of AV or project management experience. Additional education in electronics, construction project management, and staff management can give you an advantage in the job market. Some positions require that you complete a short internship with a senior project manager. Employers may prefer that you are a Certified Technical Specialist (CTS), Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), or Project Management Professional (PCP), but this is usually not required. You must have excellent leadership and communication skills to ensure your staff completes tasks efficiently.