Website Accessibility Statement

ZipRecruiter, Inc. (“ZipRecruiter”) operates an online employment marketplace that actively connects employers and job seekers to their next great opportunity. We seek excellence in every aspect of our business. This includes our commitment to making our website, (the “Website”) accessible to everyone.

Steps Taken to Help Improve Website Accessibility

We have taken a number of steps to help improve the accessibility of our Website, including evaluating many Website features, functions, and links to confirm they are accessible with common assistive technologies. We conduct accessibility testing using a third party to verify that users can access certain primary features of our Website, without a mouse and by using common assistive technology, such as a screen reader.

This means that users can:

  • Navigate the job search function and apply to job postings as a job seeker on the Website
  • Create a job seeker profile on the Website
  • Sign up for a free trial and/or post a job on the Website as a business user
  • Navigate to the links in the Website footer to review our legal notices

Good website accessibility starts with being mindful. While we are proud of the efforts that we have completed and those that are in progress, we view accessibility as an ongoing effort. We are committed to keeping accessibility of our Website as a top priority, and continuing to build accessibility into our website development process. On a periodic basis, we audit our Website to identify where additional support may be needed to help facilitate website accessibility efforts.

Third-Party Websites

The Website contains links to other websites hosted by third parties. Although we are committed to helping improve the accessibility of our Website, ZipRecruiter does not review or make claims regarding the accessibility of third-party websites that may be linked from the Website.

Website Accessibility Questions or Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback about our website accessibility efforts, please contact us by sending us an email at, or calling our Customer Service team at 1-877-252-1062.