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I firmly believe that ZipRecruiter surpasses other competing companies by bringing a higher quality candidate to the table. I am a true believer in looking at metrics and I can say without any hesitancy that for almost every single position I work on (or seek candidates for a client company I am working with), the best matched candidates are being provided by ZipRecruiter - in addition to a greater number of candidates for me to review, screen, etc...Quality over quality is a good mantra to live by and I see this with ZipRecruiter’s results for my needs."

- James N. Osborn, Senior Staffing Manager, GeauxTechs

I can't believe the responses. I had over 130 responses in just 4.5 days to our ad for a receptionist/opthalmic tech. There were many very qualified applicants. Thank you very much. You helped me find a new employee."

- John G. Randall of John G. Randall, O.D

I just love the ease of posting...it's already very time-consuming if you have to post on all of the sites you provide...especially if you have edits you would have to go to all those sites again to do that...one click or so will update your posting! Just very user friendly...especially when you are not all that 'TECHIE' from the start...thanks ZipRecruiter!"

- Dana Davis, Aviation Recruiter, TXm INC

The best feature is the ongoing record of our ads and candidates. The fact that we're allowed to retain this, even in months when we don't need any recruiting effort, is very comforting. We are a small business and cannot afford a recruiting software system. However, ZipRecruiter has most of the features we would be getting if we purchased our own system -- retention of ads and candidates and draft job descriptions. The fact that we can now buy placements on LinkedIn and Indeed directly from ZipRecruiter is another big plus for us. Social media and emails!!! another winner."

- Cynthia Shern, Marketing Communications, Talent Acquistion jTask, Inc.

ZipRecruiter has expanded our talent searches tremendously!! We love the access and possibilites to reach potential employees on a majority of the top job searching sites out there. ZipRecruiter has helped save time and money on finding the right talent needed to fill our positions."

- Amanda Chis, Talent Acquisition Manager, Staffinders, Inc.

I wish to thank you for the opportunity to use ZipRecruiter for the first time. Additionally, I would like to let you know that Zip is the only site I will use in the future when needing to advertise for a job opening. Prior to this, I have not been in a position to post job openings; Zip made the experience painless and simple while providing quality applicants.

ZipRecruiter is easy to use and has a number of ways to organize your applicants along with easy contact methods. Five ***** stars to your site and your program."

- Dolores Hewitt, City of Bixby, OK

This is by far the most awesome job posting site I have come across. I have a lot of resumes with more coming in every day.

- Janice Dokter, Recruiter, Brier & Thorn

ZipRecruiter has been a great addition to our recruiting toolbox. It’s distribution network is second to none and the dashboard makes my job as a recruiter that much easier."

- Chris Russell, Talent Acquisition Manager, GoECart.com

A very good resource. We had many very attractive candidates from the site and found our hire."

- Sidney D. Bluming, Meister Seelig & Fein

I have to say that in over twenty years in HR, ZipRecruiter has made my life so much easier in posting to multiple boards. Candidates seem to respond almost immediately after posting. What an easy tool to use, and very effective."

- Angela Blackledge, Virtual HR Masters

ZipRecruiter is a MONEY SAVER a TIME SAVER and a LIFE SAVER!...and the best part about it is NO MORE JOB BOARDS! The staff is simply AMAZING...ZipRecruiter ROCKS! I LOVE you Zip!"

- Kelly Peterson, Managing Director, A-1 STAFFING

Since we have started using ZipRecruiter our volume of candidates has increased beyond belief. We started applying questions to all job postings which allows us to rate the candidates before even opening their resume."

- Michael Edward, Recruiting Consultant, T & M Recruiting Svcs

Just wanted to let you know how much ZipRecruiter has already helped me...Zip has been by far the best recruiting software I have used...as easy as 1, 2, 3! Cliche, I know, but it really is the best I found for what I do.

One example: I had a job request for my client in California. Put ad in Wed night, Thurs morning I had 3 fish on the line and one was a keeper. He filled out the questions, sent his picture, resume and cover letter. Called him and was a perfect fit for my client. They are meeting in one hour. So in 48 hours I had a candidate an interview and my client got the best!"

- Scott Barnard, Director, Missing Link Service

Your website is AWESOME. Please feel free to quote me as saying your website is absolutely terrific."

- Sandy Reuter, Practice Administrator, James E Shenberg DDS Inc.

I am a psychologist in private practice. I hire administrative staff about once every couple of years. I used ZipRecruiter this time and was amazed. The process was never easier. I got incredible tips just by following the information on the ZipResume. I was able to hire someone in less time, with less stress and with more efficiency and productivity than I ever have in the past. Resumes came in, I rated them, sent to the other psychologist. We narrowed down the field. I did phone interviews with about 8 folks, we narrowed down to 4 folks to interview. The interviews brought us down to 2 finalists and we checked references, thought about the fit and match and hired one of those 2 people. I have to say I did not think this was going to be helpful but I have already told several colleagues with similar practices and needs to contact ZipRecruiter. I recommend this service without reservation."

- Stephen I. Bloomfield, Ed.D., President, Florida Psychological Association

I just wanted to take a moment and say 'great job' on getting our ads where they need to be!"

- Thomas Graziano, V.P. of Operations, Ascencea

The part that hooked me was the candidate screening. We only asked four questions and the best candidates literally leapt out at us. I wound up reading just a handful of resumes."

- Steve Caldwell, VP Technology, CampusExplorer.com

I love the fact that it weeds out the people that just apply to every job. Great product!"

- Sara Clickenger, Aerotek

Really nice job with this service - it works really really well and has definitely kept me organized and saved a lot of time trying to find things in my inbox."

- Tom Kuhr, Senior Vice President, Marketing, LuxuryLink.com

Congrats on your new job posting website! I was very pleased and also surprised by the large volume of candidates that we received beginning almost immediately after our posting on your site, most of them being highly qualified for the available positions. With such a large response, the opportunity to post preliminary interview questions as well as rank the candidates was very beneficial. And I just loved the fact that you are connected with so many other job posting sites, a one stop shop. We did not need to go anywhere else. I'd recommend your site highly to other employers. Thanks again!"

- Lisa Weeks, Owner, Love Thyself Day Spa

Your interface for this service is outstanding, amazingly simple and at the same time exactly what you want, great job."

- Eric Greenberg, CEO and Founder, CloudApproach.com

I LOVE your application... very zippy and well designed, all the details thought of!"

- Tegan Acree, President and Founder, HiringForHope.org

ZipRecruiter is brilliant. I cannot tell you how many applicants (good ones too, not dopes) we got. I have told many of my colleagues about ZipRecruiter."

- Human Resources Director, Five Star Products

So far I've gotten 6 responses (I just posted last night.) And 2 of the applicants are worth bringing in! What a value."

- Teri Heard-Ralbovsky, ioMosaic
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