Gordon Food Service Sees More Quality Candidates with ZipRecruiter

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  • Received more quality candidates versus the competitors
  • Decreased their average time-to-fill by 66%
  • Saved 30 recruiting hours per week through seamless ATS integration


For over 126 years Gordon Food Service (GFS) has been the largest private distributor of food and food experience products in North America, providing service to schools, medical facilities, and restaurants.


To support customer and business demands, GFS needed a constant pipeline of candidates to fill thousands of roles annually across the US and Canada. But they struggled to reach enough people with the right qualifications. Luke Southerington, Talent Marketing Specialist at GFS said, “We have some regions where GFS is a recognized brand. But in other regions, like west of the Mississippi, we’re still breaking in.”

Additionally, high competition for talent in the operations, logistics, and skilled trades industries drove GFS to seek a recruitment solution that delivered the necessary volume of qualified candidates for primary roles.


GFS partnered with ZipRecruiter to strategically optimize their campaigns and target the most qualified candidates. ZipRecruiter’s AI technology identified candidates who were a good fit and might not have been considered before. This, in turn, increased qualified applicant flow to help GFS hire for some of their hardest-to-fill roles. In addition, ZipRecruiter’s effortless ATS integration delivered applicants directly to GFS, which saved time because they no longer had to follow up on leads.


With ZipRecruiter’s help, GFS received more quality candidates and hired key roles across the US and Canada. Additionally, their average time-to-fill decreased by 66%, and ZipRecruiter’s integration with GFS’s ATS allowed them to save 30 recruiting hours per week.

“Thanks to ZipRecruiter’s quality candidate flow, we can hire faster for our hardest-to-fill roles. That’s huge for our team!

Erin Nyenhuis
Talent Acquisition Manager at Gordon Food Service