What Are the Best Career Paths for a Pisces?

The Pisces Personality: The Fish (Feb 22 – Mar 21)

The intuitive Pisces understands that self-understanding, and understanding of others will help them have a more fruitful professional experience. Pisces instinctively make decisions, think critically through problems, and find solutions. Although impractical and sometimes unmotivated, they are deeply in tune with themselves and others, which aids in a wide range of careers that best suit the Pisces.

What Are the Best Career Paths for a Pisces?

Pisces are highly adaptable and can work well in a variety of jobs. However, the best careers for Pisces include those in which they can put themselves in other people’s shoes, like Sales, Marketing, and Social Work.

Careers that entail direct interaction with people, being of service to others, and adding unique, artistic touches are ideal for the Pisces. However, Pisces are prone to low moods and should be wise not to absorb so much of other people’s emotions that they become sad and overwhelmed.

Pisces are great at motivating others, which aids in inspiring co-workers, but have trouble staying motivated themselves. This hinders Pisces’ ability to be accountable at work.

What Are Pisces Like in the Workplace?

If you find that there is a line wrapped around the desk of the Pisces in your office, do not be surprised. Pisces are great listeners and have a knack for making people feel comfortable and understood. Offices are a good work environment for Pisces, but only if they are energizing spaces with more to offer than menial tasks. Due to their lack of motivation and proneness to distraction, Pisces fare best in work environments that will help keep them stimulated and engaged.

For this reason, staying motivated is among the most common challenges that Pisces will face in the workplace, along with maintaining a positive attitude, and firmly making decisions. Pisces can combat these challenges by surrounding themselves with visual representations of things that they enjoy, such as water. In fact, the Pisces (whose zodiac is represented by a fish) might find that having a small fish tank (if permitted at work) can help to boost their mood and remind them of the pleasantries that await them once they clock out.

Music can also be a simple yet effective remedy for Pisces. Because of their natural creativity, Pisces can appreciate artistic expressions in the form of music and may rely on it to improve their mood, breathe life back into their workspace, and empathize with in the special way that they empathize with others.

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10 Best Professions for a Pisces

A Pisces’ ability to adapt to different work environments cannot be overstated. Pisces can move through various spaces and leave each one a bit better than it was before. However, for maximum success, Pisces should look for careers that are flexible, involve nurturing or meeting the needs of people, allow for creative expression, and offer a variety of diverse experiences.

  1. Health Educator

Health Educators teach people about productive activities in which they can engage to ensure optimal physical and mental health. They also give presentations, attend community events, conduct workshops, and document interactions they have had with potential and current clients. The role is mutually beneficial for Pisces, who can help others and help themselves by engaging in healthy activities.

  1. Salesperson

Customers rely on salespeople to guide their purchasing decisions, inform them of sales and promotions, and provide excellent customer service. Pisces can do all of these, exceeding customer expectations and making them want to come back for more. Pisces excel in this role because they get to help people and will enjoy the fast-paced and diverse nature of sales.

  1. Marketing Associate

In this role, Pisces get to solve problems and be creative. Marketing Associates help to grow, advance, and shape the image of a company through the graphics and verbiage it promotes. They also work on campaigns, create and manage content, innovate ways to engage the company’s core audience, and conduct research to support marketing efforts.

  1. Social Worker

Social work is demanding, but rewarding. Social Workers provide information about community resources, arrange home placements for children and families, and employ specific procedures to help clients navigate and resolve problems. Pisces are natural helpers and would excel in this role, but should create professional boundaries to avoid absorbing the feelings and problems of clients.

  1. Recruiter

Recruiters must identify with others to be effective in their work, so Pisces will feel right at home in this role. They also vet candidates, conduct employment screenings, make hiring recommendations, and administer career assessments. These professionals can recruit in specific fields such as IT, or work with job-seekers in general and administrative professions.

  1. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide basic patient care, support nurses and physicians, and administer tests. This role offers Pisces with enough structure to keep them focused and enough variety to keep them engaged. The Pisces will comfort patients with their understanding nature and feel fulfilled in their work.

  1. Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources is all about people! Luckily, Pisces are, too! Human Resources Assistants administer work samples and tests, help facilitate new employee orientations, and collaborate with other members of the department to mediate work conflicts. Pisces can find their niche here, as these professionals often serve as a listening ear for disgruntled or confused employees.

  1. Visual Manager

Visual Managers decide what the look of a store or company will be. They devise a visual marketing strategy, produce creative in-store displays, and conduct research to determine what encourages people to patronize the establishment. Pisces can flex their artistic skills and tap into their intuitive nature to determine the best visuals to use.

  1. Musician

Keeping music close by can help keep a Pisces on track, but making music can completely transform a Pisces’ approach to work. Musicians read music, use musical instruments, and make recordings. They perform as a single act or in a band and get to enjoy the creative side of work along with the business side, drawing on multiple Pisces strengths.

  1. Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is often difficult as patients must re-learn how to walk, use various muscle groups, and exercise following physical trauma. However, with a Pisces in this role, patients will look forward to therapy. Physical Therapists must embody adaptability and compassion, both of which are second-nature to the Pisces.

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