What Are the Best Career Paths for an Aquarius?

The Aquarius Personality: The Water Bearer (Jan 22 – Feb 21)

The personality of an Aquarius is characterized by the need for self-expression, creativity, and a sense of purpose. Aquarians have a natural curiosity about many things and are more than willing to use their far-reaching imaginations to feed that curiosity. Friends or colleagues of an Aquarius may find these unpredictable individuals to be warm and affectionate, though sometimes solitary, relentless in their pursuit of knowledge, and deeply inquisitive.

What Are the Best Career Paths for an Aquarius?

Although Aquarians are highly capable of many things, they are best suited for roles that require unconventional thinking. Aquarians embody many professional strengths, including critical thinking, social consciousness, and assertiveness.

However, the Aquarian personality has its drawbacks like other zodiacs. An Aquarius can lack focus, express apathy toward tasks that diverge from their interests, and insist on getting their way, even when that may not be beneficial for completing the task at hand. These qualities can cloud the Aquarian’s better judgment and stunt their professional growth.

However, positive Aquarian traits aid in professions in service, politics, and fine arts. These career paths allow the Aquarius to flourish in ways that are comfortable for them while encouraging them to amplify the best aspects of their personalities.

What Are Aquarians Like in the Workplace?

An Aquarius will feel at home in work environments that welcome the deep, abstract thought process that is natural to them, such as laboratories and museums. In these work environments, the Aquarius can jump at the chance of aiding a colleague or lightening the load of a manager; they naturally enjoy being helpful to others.

While their thoughtfulness and instinct to help can be great assets in the workplace, Aquarians also have some tendencies which create challenges in the workplace. Aquarians tend towards self-isolation. An Aquarius should remember that not everyone works this way, and that their colleagues will still be expecting communication from them. Disconnecting without notice can make an Aquarius a difficult coworker. Aquarians should inform their colleagues or managers about their desire for occasional solitary tasks during the workweek and explain how it improves their work, being both truthful and proactive in their attempt to overcome the challenge.

Along similar lines, another challenge that Aquarians are likely to face at work is having to adhere to a schedule instead of doing as they please when they please. Aquarians can become irritable when they cannot do what they want, and as we all know, work often includes doing things that are not aligned with things we like to do. Unfortunately, there is no magic fix for this, and Aquarians will have to learn how to fulfill work obligations that include fun and not-so-fun duties. Aquarians can overcome this workplace challenge by redefining what happiness looks like for them at work. The Aquarian may not find joy in fulfilling a task that they do not want to do, but may instead find happiness in getting the work hours they want (to schedule more of what they want to do in their personal time).  If the Aquarius can learn to reciprocate what they want at work, they are likely to find greater enjoyment in their professional experiences.

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10 Best Professions for an Aquarius

The Aquarius will find success by embracing the traits that make up their personalities and realizing that others may have a different perspective worthy of consideration. They might also find it helpful to use this to guide their career search, seeking dynamic roles that make use of their inquisitive nature and include at least one service component. Aquarians enjoy a good challenge and will not remain satisfied in a role that does not dare them to surpass their current level of knowledge.

  1. Mediator

Aquarians are deep thinkers who are skilled in thinking through problems from an objective standpoint and formulate a practical solution. Mediators must do this, along with keeping detailed records of their interactions with clients and helping people to communicate more effectively. Mediators sometimes work in legal settings, helping clients to document the details of the agreement.

  1. Teacher

Aquarians love to learn, so teaching is a natural fit for them. In a teaching role, an Aquarius will get to learn more about specific topics and impart that knowledge on students. Their desire to live in their truth will come in handy, as the most effective teachers are those who live by the same rules that they ask their students to follow in the classroom.

  1. Researcher

Researchers can work individually or in teams to identify the goals and objectives of the research being conducted. They then devise a plan, secure money to fund the research, and put their skills to work to draw conclusions. The inquisitive Aquarius will enjoy this and exude a passion for it that will help their colleagues to enjoy it as well.

  1. Trainer

The goal of a trainer is to coach an individual or group of learners on a set of skills, policies, or set of standards. The Aquarius’ critical thinking skills and assertiveness can help them instill the knowledge, but their artistic ability will aid in putting their own unique “twist” on how training is delivered.

  1. Actor

Not many people have the chance to express themselves quite like actors do. Whether in a theatre, film studio, or elaborate set, Aquarians will quickly consume the spotlight. Their unpredictable nature makes them great at improv acting and their natural curiosity and will cause them to dive deeper into their roles.

  1. Electrician

For Electricians, curiosity makes them better at their jobs. Electricians evaluate and provide potential solutions for electrical failings, but before this, they explore the intricate inner workings of wires, lighting, and breakers. Aquarians will enjoy playing with these electrical components to get to the heart of the issue and devise a plan to correct it.

  1. Project Manager

In this role, Aquarians can define project objectives, develop and administer the budget, and delegate tasks to complete the project efficiently. Aquarians must remember not to isolate themselves in this role, as their team may rely heavily on them, but members of this zodiac are likely to empower their team to work fervently even in the Aquarius’ absence.

  1. Scientist

The curiosity of a Scientist is never truly satisfied, and the same is true for the Aquarius. Scientists gather information to answer questions about the natural world and may specialize in a specific area of the field. Scientists work in a range of fields and often pursue specific areas of research for long periods.

  1. Data Analyst

Data Analysts use data that their company has collected to guide decision-making, and Aquarian’s knack for critical thinking is highly valuable in this role. Analysts often work in office environments, so the Aquarian may need to ask about working remotely or traveling to different company branches to remain engaged.

  1. Environmental Planner

This role has an expansive scope, and an Aquarius likes it that way. Environmental Planners evaluate land to determine the best ways to use it. They often collaborate with other professionals (such as contractors or engineers) to get questions answered about potential advantages and disadvantages of using the land. Planners also consider regulations that inhibit land use and advise on these policies.

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