What Are the Best Career Paths for a Libra?

The Libra Personality: The Scales (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

Libras are among the warmest and friendliest people inside and outside of the office. Although they possess strengths and weaknesses, Libras have the potential to be strong and productive leaders in their professional lives. Gaining an understanding of how these business-minded people operate in the workplace can aid employers in supervising them, help colleagues work with them and empower Libras to maximize their work experiences.

What Are the Best Career Paths for a Libra?

Possible career paths that complement a Libra’s personality include human resources, law, and public service. Libras excel in career paths that offer them support in decision-making while retaining the right to decide what is just, and have access to opportunities for professional growth.

The strengths of a Libra include graciousness, diplomacy, tact, and charm. Libras can leverage these qualities in the workplace to build strong relationships with colleagues, enforce policies, promote a positive rapport with leadership and cultivate buy-in from clients.

Libras also have personality traits which can be weaknesses in the workplace. Libras can tend towards self-indulgence, moodiness, and indecisiveness. Learning to notice and manage these tendencies is important for Libras to fulfill their professional potential.

What are Libras like in the workplace?

You are likely to find a Libra working in an office. Other work environments that are good matches include art galleries, educational institutions, or fieldwork.

Libras, who place great importance on partnerships, have only one condition when it comes to collaborating at work: that everyone pulls their own weight. Libras value consensus and can collaborate quite effectively if everyone contributes and remains equally. Luckily, Libras make great colleagues, as they are tactful, kind, charming, and bring strong business sense to their work. Problems can arise when Libras sense injustice.

For example, if a Libra feels they have been passed over for a promotion for which they have earned, they can become frustrated. Another example of a common workplace challenge Libras may find themselves faced with is saying ‘No.’ Colleagues may request that a Libra take their work shift and although the Libra may want to say no, they find it difficult to do so and often become stressed as a result.

Fortunately, Libras are not doomed to simply live with their own shortcomings or those of their colleagues. If Libras remain mindful of workplace challenges to which they are prone and take proactive measures to address them, they are likely to come out on top.

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10 Best Professions for a Libra

Libras most frequently find success in careers that enable them to gain a greater understanding of the work they are doing, get the most out of their work experiences, join fruitful, reciprocal partnerships and help people navigate the complexities of policies, processes, and life experiences.

  1. Human Resources Manager

This occupation requires a unique set of people skills that Libras naturally possess. Human Resource Managers facilities the hiring and termination processes, develop job parameters including salary and duties, oversee recruitment, benefits administration, and other key areas, along with mediating workplace problems. Due to their strong interest in fighting for fairness and bringing about peace, Libras fare well in this role.

  1. Legal Analyst

Law is a professional arena in which Libras can thrive. Libras take a keen interest in justice but are also highly interested in finding out why things work the way they do. Legal Analysts share this interest, collecting and evaluating legal data, drafting legal documents, creating reports, and conducting research for court cases.

  1. Investigator

Libras love to know the truth. They believe that fairness and equality start with the facts, so an Investigator role is a strong fit. Investigators conduct interviews, document findings via reports and audio, look into claims that directly relate to the subject of their investigation, and maintain working knowledge policies to ensure that they do not breach the law when conducting business.

  1. Counselor

Counselors must be skilled at building a rapport with clients, keeping accurate and detailed records, assisting clients with creating treatment plans, and providing support. Libras do well with reviewing the information someone has provided them, considering the options then suggesting potential solutions, which is necessary for this role.

  1. Recruiter

Recruiters post job openings, coordinate interviews and attend career fairs to find talent. Libras have strong interpersonal skills and are diplomatic individuals who strongly believe in the difference between right and wrong. In order to be effective in their roles and help their clients be successful, recruiters must possess these traits.

  1. Buyer

A Buyer role may be challenging because it would provoke a Libra to stand firm in their decisions, but would also be suitable for Libras, who have a strong business sense and an eye for what looks good. Buyers conduct research and make site visits to determine what products should be purchased by their company to be sold to consumers.

  1. Organizational Change Manager

Many businesses fear change, but, Libras do not. Organizational Change Managers are in the business of helping companies boost morale, improve employee relations, update branding, and retain clients. Libras love to be a part of change, even when they have to work hard to enact it themselves. Any business would be fortunate to have a Libra as their Organizational Change Manager.

  1. Business Owner

Libras love business and are strong leaders who can excel as Business Owners. Whether in an entrepreneurship or a franchise, Business Owners manage day-to-day operations, hire and train employees, increase revenue, and create initiatives to engage core customers. Libras can incorporate balance when business operations fail to run smoothly and get things back on track.

  1. Event Planner

Libras struggle with making concrete decisions but excel in supporting the decision-making of others. This quality is critical in this role, where the professional is expected to coordinate business details to stage an event, create and maintain client relationships, work closely with vendors, and adhere to a budget to make things happen.

  1. Quality Control Analyst

If anyone knows quality when they see it, it is a Libra! Although it involves extensive on-the-job training, Libras can tap into their second-nature senses to shine in this role.  Libras enjoy laying down the law, which is necessary when suggesting improvements, testing products and programs for quality, and using strong written and verbal skills to communicate with business leaders.

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