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These Are the Jobs and Industries That Have Increased Job Postings During the Coronavirus Economy

All information in this article was up to date when published on 3/25/2020. The job market in the United States and around the world is changing quickly. We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.

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Though the US economy started the year strong, things began to look less optimistic for job seekers as the coronavirus crisis has gained momentum. Job postings on ZipRecruiter’s online employment marketplace were on the rise until February 17. Since then, we have seen a 14% overall decrease.

But there are some positive trends. Keep checking this page to stay on top of trends in hiring and see which job titles and industries are posting more on ZipRecruiter.

Some types of jobs are rising as a result of the coronavirus crisis. The number of E-commerce jobs have skyrocketed, rising 228% over the past four weeks (between the week of February 17 and the week of March 16). Other jobs related to E-commerce have also increased over the same period. The number of Post office jobs are up 68%, Warehousing jobs are up 13%, and Forklift operator jobs are up 18% over the same period. 

We also see rapid job posting growth in Health Care, Warehousing, Transportation, and Tutoring to meet the demand generated by the coronavirus crisis. Here are our top job titles with increased job postings over the past four weeks:

  1. Registered Nurse, Ambulatory (+48%)
  2. Intensive Care Registered Nurse (+35%)
  3. CDL Flatbed Truck Driver (+976%)
  4. Warehouse Associate (+28%)
  5. Online Tutor (+233%)

Here are even more jobs with increased demand:

5 Top Health Care Jobs

1. Registered Nurse Ambulatory

1-Month Increase: 47.56%

View Registered Nurse, Ambulatory jobs on ZipRecruiter

2. LPN Home Health

1-Month Increase: 38.56%

View LPN Home Health jobs on ZipRecruiter

3. Intensive Care Nurse

1-Month Increase: 34.96%

View Intensive Care Nurse jobs on ZipRecruiter

4. Associate Medical Director

1-Month Increase: 18.07%

View Associate Medical Director jobs on ZipRecruiter

5. Registered Nurse, Emergency

1-Month Increase: 9.53%

View Registered Nurse Emergency jobs on ZipRecruiter

5 Top Transportation Jobs

1. CDL Flatbed Truck Driver

1-Month Increase: 976.24%

View CDL Flatbed Truck Driver jobs on ZipRecruiter

2. Class A CDL Truck Driver

1-Month Increase: 50.54%

View Class A CDL Truck Driver jobs on ZipRecruiter

3. Truck Driver

1-Month Increase: 13.70%

View Truck Driver jobs on ZipRecruiter

4. Regional Owner Operator Truck Driver

1-Month Increase: 12.53%

View Regional Owner Operator Truck Driver jobs on ZipRecruiter

5. CDL A Owner Operator

1-Month Increase: 12.46%

View CDL A Owner Operator jobs on ZipRecruiter

5 Top Warehousing Jobs

1. Warehouse Handler

1-Month Increase: 1677.33%

View Warehouse Handler jobs on ZipRecruiter

2. Warehouse Attendant

1-Month Increase: 569.40%

View Warehouse Attendant jobs on ZipRecruiter

3. Warehouse Team Member

1-Month Increase: 452.71%

View Warehouse Team Member jobs on ZipRecruiter

4. Warehouse Laborer

1-Month Increase: 373.28%

View Warehouse Laborer jobs on ZipRecruiter

5. Warehouse Sorter

1-Month Increase: 365.60%

View Warehouse Sorter jobs on ZipRecruiter

3 Top Tutoring Jobs

1. Online Tutor

1-Month Increase: 233.49%

View Online Tutor jobs on ZipRecruiter

2. Chemistry Tutor

1-Month Increase: 10.14%

View Chemistry Tutor jobs on ZipRecruiter

3. Foreign Language Instructor

1-Month Increase: 9.12%

View Foreign Language Instructor jobs on ZipRecruiter

Source: ZipRecruiter, Inc. Internal Data 2020

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