What Are the Best Career Paths for a Virgo?


The Virgo Personality: The Virgin (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

Virgos are analytical, intelligent, and practical people. Their candor is balanced with their sensitive nature. Although Virgos are bluntly honest at times, they are generally compassionate toward others. Virgos are perfectionist, who are prone to being judgmental and fastidious.

What Are the Best Career Paths for a Virgo?

In business as in life, Virgos are hard working and reliable. No matter how large or small a task, Virgos will get the job done right. However, a Virgo’s earnest attention to detail can lead them to spend too much time on a single aspect of a project, causing the end result to be delayed. The best careers for Virgos allow them to put their intelligence, candor, and business sense to use, such as the tech and finance sectors as well as education and communication.

What Are Virgos Like in the Workplace?

Virgos set high standards for themselves and everyone else, which can come across as overbearing for less meticulous colleagues. Yet Virgos are sensitive to the perceptions and emotions of others, which helps them form strong working relationships built on trust and understanding. Virgos can excel as protective leaders and as loyal employees. Workplaces such as business settings, educational facilities, and hospitality environments are all good fits for Virgos.

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10 Best Professions for a Virgo

Virgos should seek out careers that require logic, accuracy, and level-headed business savvy. Since Virgos prefer to be in control of their work environment and to-do list, they do well in professions with the latitude for independence. The following ten professions are good fits for the personality of Virgo job seekers.

  1. Data Analyst

With a career as a data analyst, the Virgo job seeker will become an integral part of any business in any industry—including finance, sales, and healthcare to name a few. Virgos are excellent candidates for data analyst positions due to their attention to detail, logic, and candor.

  1. Executive Assistant

Practical, reliable, and organized, Virgos excel as executive assistants. They have no problem handling sensitive business with care and discretion. Virgos attentiveness will ensure that each task is completed perfectly, from managing calendars, budgets, and itineraries to organizing meeting minutes and memos. A Virgo executive assistant will ensure that everything in the office runs smoothly.

  1. Researcher

Whether in educational or business settings, Virgos make exceptional researchers. The intelligent, analytical mind of the Virgo promises to learn everything about a given topic, down to the smallest detail. Along with the freedom to work independently at their own pace means Virgo job seekers are likely to find high levels of job satisfaction in a career as a researcher.

  1. Investor

Virgos with strong business acumen may do well on the investor career path. To succeed as an investor, Virgos must be sensitive to market fluctuations and shifts in the economy. Virgo investors must advise their clients with candor about the most prudent investment options available.

  1. Statistician

Statisticians solve real world problems with math, making this an ideal career path for number-loving Virgos. A professional statistician must develop methods and techniques for analyzing data to tackle issues in healthcare, education, business, engineering, and other industries. Logical and analytical, Virgo job seekers are good candidates for statistician jobs.

  1. Systems Analyst

Technologically inclined Virgo job seekers might enjoy a career as a systems analyst. A systems analyst job puts a Virgo’s problem-solving skills to good use. Systems analysts must be sensitive to the needs of the business for which they work in order to set up computer hardware and software systems that will help improve business processes and outcomes.

  1. Auditor

Inquisitive Virgos may want to consider a career as an auditor. These financial professionals are trusted to handle sensitive documents and records, examining each detail to ensure that the books are balanced and that businesses are in compliance with tax preparation and payment. Auditors may work for businesses directly or they may be employed by government agencies.

  1. Technician

Technician is a catch-all job title for highly skilled professionals who perform technical diagnostic tests and ensure that complex systems are running optimally. Virgo job seekers can find technician jobs in a variety of industries, from healthcare—as dental, pharmacy, or medical technicians—to maintenance technicians for the automotive and HVAC industries.

  1. Therapist

Virgo job seekers may find a career as a therapist fulfilling. Since Virgos are sensitive to the emotions and needs of other people, they tend to be good listeners. Additionally, a Virgo’s candor enables them to provide unbiased advice to patients who are experiencing hardships or who simply need an empathetic ear to listen as they talk through their problems.

  1. Machinist

Virgos who like to work with their hands could find that a career as a machinist suits their talents. Machinists use several types of tools, like grinders and lathes, to create metal parts and instruments. The equipment that machinists use can be hand-controlled or guided by computer technology. Either way, a Virgo’s sharp eye for detail and practical, hardworking personality are good fits for the machinist profession.

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