What Are the Best Career Paths for a Leo?

The Leo Personality: The Lion (Jul 22 – Aug 21)

Leos love having an audience, and they want recognition for their accomplishments. Ambitious and self-assured, Leos are empowered by unflinching boldness. Unfortunately, their confidence can border on arrogance, and Leos may find their egos getting in the way of their goals. Their optimistic personality ensures that Leos will not give up easily.

What Are the Best Career Paths for a Leo?

Leos have a natural understanding of what it takes to be a leader, but they may become a bit domineering if unchecked. Leos love having a loyal team, along with many opportunities to interact with others. Leos need to do something that they love to prevent boredom and loss of interest. Leos’ inherent boldness makes them excellent candidates for corporate leadership roles as well as careers in the tech and entertainment industries.

What Are Leos Like in the Workplace?

Leos perform well in corporate environments as well as on the stage and in other non-office workplaces. Leos love to work hard—as long as the work captures their interest. Because of their well-developed egos, Leos want props for their contributions and may even take more credit than is their due. As leaders, Leos are superb delegators and strong communicators, if somewhat impatient.

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10 Best Professions for a Leo

The best careers for Leos tap into their creativity and boldness and give Leos plenty of interpersonal contact. Leos shine in careers that align with their passions and where appreciation for their efforts abounds. The professions below are handpicked for Leo job seekers.

  1. Actor

A career in acting is a given for Leos, who love being the center of attention. On the stage or on film, Leo actors benefit from their confident attitude and their understanding of how to work the audience. Their boldness ensures that stage fright is a non-issue.

  1. Architect

Leos are naturally creative, and a career in architecture allows them to create plans for buildings that are sure to impress. Architects have the privilege of their work being on display for everyone, not only to see and admire, but to use as a functional masterpiece, from corporate skyscrapers to residential and educational facilities.

  1. Designer

Another creative profession in which Leos can thrive is that of a professional designer. Designers are crucial players in many industries, such as fashion, marketing, landscaping, and interior design. Leos have an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of color, texture, and material combinations that will captivate viewers, making Leos ideal candidates for design jobs.

  1. Event Planner

Even when they are not the star of the show, Leos know how to coordinate a successful event. As event planners, Leos understand what their clients want, and they know exactly how to make the event go off without a hitch, from weddings and birthday parties to large corporate events.

  1. Marketer

Leos talent for creativity makes them great candidates for marketing jobs. Leo job seekers who become marketers have an understanding of what makes consumers tick. As a result, Leo marketers are able to produce high-performing advertising campaigns that clients will love.

  1. Media Strategist

Savvy Leos can find career success as a media strategist. Whether in advertising, content delivery, or social media, media strategists analyze what techniques are the most impactful for niche audiences and utilize that data to inform how media will be delivered to those audiences in the future. A career as a media strategist capitalizes on a Leo’s understanding of how audiences respond to different types of communication.

  1. Model

Leos who love the spotlight and the camera may be happy in a modeling career. Many types of products require models to help sell, so Leos interested in modeling will find many opportunities to do so. As a model, Leos can endorse products from clothing to cosmetics and electronics to cleaning supplies.

  1. Personal Trainer

Physically fit Leos can channel their love of exercise into a career as a personal trainer. Either as independent contractors or through a local gym, personal trainers get to interact with all sorts of people while helping them become their best selves. Social and self-assured, Leos who want to stay in shape while making a living can do well as personal trainers.

  1. Sales Representative

Professional sales representatives must be confident and driven in order to meet sales goals and maximize their commission earnings. Leos happen to possess all of the necessary traits to excel as sales representatives, including boldness and an ability to adapt to fast-pace corporate sales environments. Self-assured Leos are primed to succeed in face-to-face, phone, and online chat sales jobs.

  1. Teacher

Teaching is a great career choice for Leos who love a particular subject area and want to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. As an added bonus, Leo teachers have a captive audience of students whom they can entertain with exciting facts and educational activities.

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