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Identity Theft | How to Protect Yourself and Avoid Scams

What Are Identity Theft and Identity Fraud? Identity theft happens when a swindler illegally obtains your personal information to impersonate you to charge purchases, open credit cards, and take out loans in your name. In

Work From Home Scams | How to Detect and Avoid Them

What are Work From Home Scams? Advancements in technology have made remote work opportunities available to job seekers all around the globe. These roles offer greater convenience and flexibility than traditional office-based positions and are

What Are the Best Occupations for ESFP Personality Types?

Of the 16 personalities defined by Myers-Briggs, ESFP is one of the most fun and outgoing types. Characterized by Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perception, ESFPs currently account for nearly 9% of the population. Individuals with

What Are the Best Occupations for ENTJ Personality Types?

The ENTJ—extraverted, intuition, thinking, judgement personality—is known for being motivated, focused, and having a bit of an independent streak. Being a leader suites them well, but being an explorer while leading? Even better. This personality

What are the Best Occupations for ESTP Personality Types?

The ESTP personality type is an entrepreneur—the sort of person who is passionate, in-the-moment, and willing to take risks. ESTP people embody four qualities: extraverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. ESTPs make up just 4% of

What Are the Best Occupations of ISTP Personality Types?

The abbreviation ISTP refers to one of sixteen personality types outlined in the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). ISTP stands for Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perception and denotes a particularly logical and sanguine personality. An individual

Executive Type ESTJ

What Are the Best Occupations for ESTJ Personality Types?

Extravert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. This Myers-Briggs personality type is the executive of the 16 personalities. They are the managers, the leaders, the ones who get the corner office. With a deep respect for honesty, integrity,

What Are the Best Occupations for ISTJ Personality Types?

Practical planners. Reliable leaders. Responsible citizens. ISTJs are often the backbone of a community or organization—a sensible decision maker who can find order in chaos. ISTJ personality types are logical, focused, and have their sights

What Are the Best Occupations for ENFP Personality Types?

Energized, full of new ideas, and ready to work—these are the attributes of an ENFP personality type. Myers-Briggs categorizes the ENFP personality characteristics as Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception. They are flexible, people-oriented, creative thinkers. They

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What Are the Best Occupations for INFJ Personality Types?

The INFJ personality is characterized as a counselor—someone who is conscientious, intuitive, empathetic, and creative. Scoring as an INFJ means your personality type is reflected in these four qualities: Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. INFJ

What Are the Best Occupations for ISFP Personality Types?

Known as the adventurers of the personality types, ISFPs are categorized by the Myers-Briggs test (MBTI) as Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. These categories list a set of characteristics that has commonalities with ISFJs, but

What Are the Best Occupations for ISFJ Personality Types?

The ISFJ personality is characterized as a protector. Someone who is smart, responsible, and caring towards others. Scoring this on your Myers-Briggs test means your personality type is reflected in these four qualities: Introverted, Sensing,