Meet Antonio Saldana-Flores III, Director of Talent Acquisition at BH

Our Hiring Hero Series showcases talent acquisition pros across the globe who are dedicated to connecting people with their next great opportunity.

What does it mean to you to be a Hiring Hero?

“For me, it means being able to give an opportunity to someone and watch them grow from there. I just love that! I think that’s why I’ve been in Talent Acquisition for so long. It brings joy to me… to be able to extend an offer and make someone’s day.”

What initially attracted you to BH and made you want to work there?

“It’s a small world: I used to be in property management. I’d open new properties, negotiate contracts, hire the staff, all that stuff. Through that, I heard how BH was growing and about the CEO’s (Joanna) amazing vision of where she wants to keep taking the company. Basically, BH’s values and morale—everything, really—is amazing. It made me very excited. And I knew I wanted to be a part of that.” 

What are the top reasons why someone would want to work at BH? 

“It’s the culture, for sure, and work-life balance. Every year, we have an Employee Appreciation Week where we do fun events all week, and there’s a platform where people can post pictures. And they normally award us the afternoon off as their appreciation. They’re always doing little things for us. They’re constantly showing ways of how they appreciate us as employees.”   

“Culture, work-life balance, and employee appreciation is really important to BH. They’re always doing things to show their appreciation for us.”

What are some current challenges you see with the industry? 

“The only challenge I see is just the market in itself. It’s now at the point where you have to think outside of the box. I think it’s important to also focus on the different age groups because you have to attract each one differently when you’re recruiting. For example, baby boomers don’t like emails or texts; they want to be called on the phone. But Millennials hate phone calls. They respond better by text. It’s like we’re constantly having to try different things to pull in different age groups.” 

“We’re all about opportunity for everybody—so we have to find a way to attract each of the different age groups that we’re trying to recruit.”

How does BH champion DEI in the workplace?

“We have a DEI committee, and I’m on the board. So this means we participate in a lot of DEI events to educate and empower. I’m actually speaking on a panel in March. The company’s values on diversity, equity, and inclusion are really just amazing. And I’m truly proud to be a part of that.” 

Antonio’s Tips for the Future of Recruiting

“Don’t sit around and wait for candidates to apply. You have to think outside of the box and target them, as well. I also think for the future, there’s this huge AI wave that’s hitting. So you have to be willing to evolve. You have to be willing to try certain things because times are changing.”

Join the BH team!  As one of the largest property management and commercial real estate companies in the nation, BH is always on the lookout for people with various skills to fill a wide range of roles. Take a look at some of the positions Antonio and his team are hiring for right now. 

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