Ian Siegel on 20VC podcast

Ian Siegel on the 20VC Podcast

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ZipRecruiter’s Co-Founder & CEO, Ian Siegel, was recently on the Twenty Minute VC (20VC) podcast. Ian spoke to 20VC host, Harry Stebbings, about the early days of ZipRecruiter, his view on role of a CEO, hiring, and balancing family responsibilities with running a public company.

In this episode, Ian and Harry discuss:

1) The Founding of ZipRecruiter

  • How did Ian co-found ZipRecruiter from his kitchen with no venture funding and his 3 friends?
  • Why did they decide to not raise venture funding in the early days?
  • What was the catalyst at $50M in revenue for realising now was the right time to raise funding?

2) The Art of Great Storytelling

  • What does truly great storytelling mean to Ian? What are the components of a great story?
  • Why do so many people today f*** up their product marketing and messaging?
  • Why does Ian believe Version 1.0 is the only one that takes true courage?

3) CEOs Do As Little As Possible

  • Why does Ian believe his job as CEO is to do as little as possible?
  • How does Ian determine between the things he, the CEO should do, vs those those he should delegate?
  • Why does Ian believe the art of leadership and the art of parenting are the same?

4) The Art of Hiring

  • How has Ian’s approach to hiring changed over the years?
  • What does Ian mean when he says, “I look for pointy people”? How does he detect them?
  • What are the two qualities that make the best execs? What questions reveal them?

5) Parenting and Marriage

  • Does Ian worry that with increasing family commitments, he loses an inch on work?
  • Why does he believe he is in an advantage as a CEO to those that do not have children?
  • What was the biggest argument he has had with his wife? How did it change his perspective?

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