Why You Should Invest in Talent Acquisition ASAP

If you’re a hiring manager, you know that recruiting top talent is crucial to the success (financial and otherwise) of your company. But why is it more important than ever right now? Because the pandemic really shifted the way organizations look at the talent they have, the talent they need, and what their talent needs/expects from them.

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When companies evaluate the talent they have, they look at the strengths that their existing employees have and whether or not those help the organization achieve optimum performance. Then, they decide what future skill gaps they’ll need to fill, if they already have the talent to fill them, or if they need to hire new talent. 

However, there’s currently a labor shortage going on. In fact, 42 states have more available jobs than there are people looking for jobs. So if you need to hire new talent, you not only want your job openings to stand out; you also want them to attract the most qualified candidates by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations. No easy task.

How to Find Top Talent

So how do you find the best, possible talent for your organization? You need a smart source to enhance your So how do you find the best, possible talent? You want to lead with your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) — which is why an employee comes to your organization in the first place. Keep in mind that not every potential employee thinks the same things are valuable. A truly successful EVP is consistent, yet adaptable, to what matters most to the individual candidate.

How to Keep Your Talent Happy

Finding the right talent for your organization is just part of the equation, though. Post-pandemic, job seekers have very different expectations from employers. After working at home for over a year, they’re looking for employment that offers better work/life balance. They’re even willing to take a pay cut if it means more flexibility in work life and down time. 

Job seekers also want a more uplifting company culture — i.e. employers who focus on their retention, care, and growth. 

Additionally, diversity, equality, and inclusion are also key in retaining the new talent you hire. 

Lastly, healthcare and benefits — including self-care benefits and childcare options —  weigh heavily in importance for talent retention. 

If you can fulfill all of these things, you’ll experience smoother sailing in hiring — and you’ll have a host of happy, highly-skilled employees for many years to come.

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1 Based on G2 satisfaction ratings as of December 31 2020.

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