Why I Love My Job

Many people are lucky enough to love the work they do every day

We hear a lot about how much people love the jobs they have found on ZipRecruiter. A few years ago, we published some of those love letters to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re bringing that tradition back. 

As you’ll see below, there are many reasons people may be enamored with their jobs. There are workers who find satisfaction in helping others, and others who get excited about collaborating with their teams. Others revel in the opportunity to take on new challenges, take advantage of unique company benefits, or enjoy flexing their creative muscles in surprising ways.

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Making an Impact

Finding meaning in helping others 

“A lot of people get scared of fundraising jobs because it seems like a sales gig. I look at it differently. I get to meet people who are as passionate about our cause as I am. I don’t consider it sales when we’re all working towards the same goal.” ~ Shauna L., Non-Profit Fundraiser

“The kids hate hearing this, but something you’ll hear me say at every practice is ‘I love losing.’ Not in the moment, of course—it sucks! But you learn more from losing than you do from winning. It’s always a hard lesson, but those learnings carry over beyond the locker room to the classroom and life.” ~ Coach Evan B., High School Football Coach

“I’ve worked in all kinds of recruiting roles as a contractor, at agencies, and in-house at companies. Being in-house is my favorite type of role. I get to establish potential employees’ first impression of the company. Then, once they come on board, I’m able to watch them thrive. After a few years, I’m able to walk the halls and see how I’ve had a direct influence on almost every team within the organization.”  ~Melissa S., In-House Recruiter

Stronger Together

Teamwork makes the dream work

“I love my team. Everyone says they have the best people, but I am 100% sure that my team is THE BEST. Full stop. Working with them via video is what got me through the pandemic. In a weird way, it made us even closer.” ~ Josh B., Financial Analyst

“The best part of my job isn’t the job itself. It’s the flexibility it allows me so that I can follow my dreams. I’m an actor, and auditions can pop up at any time. Many of my coworkers are actors too, so we all have each other’s backs and are happy to cover shifts when needed.” ~ Sinem R., Server

“I’m a people person that loves solving customers’ pain points. In my role, I help translate our client needs to our tech team, and then translate their solutions back to our clients. The commission checks are pretty sweet, too.” ~ Ben C., SaaS Software as a Service (SaaS) Sales Executive

Rising to the Challenge

Finding something new in what we do every day

“In my industry, we’re building products that have never been built before. There’s no “wrong” answer, because we’re not following anyone else’s blueprint. It’s like working on a very big, very difficult puzzle. Sure, that can get frustrating, but there’s no greater feeling than finally finding the missing piece.” ~ Kas P., Product Manager

“Teaching someone to read music is the best. It’s always a struggle at the start and requires a lot of encouragement to get them to stick with it. But I love seeing the delight in my students’ eyes when it all finally starts to come together. At that point, they’re still a far way from playing Carnegie Hall, but they get more confident and excited about playing.” ~ Julia E., Piano Instructor

“Working in an ER is the ultimate challenge. I never know who’s going to walk through those doors and what I’ll need to do. Being there for people who are scared and in pain is tough, but it’s an incredible feeling to know that I’m the one who gets to help them.” ~ Ryan J., ER Nurse

Perks of the Job

Compensation can be more than a paycheck

“The paternity leave at my company is incredible. I’ve worked at tech companies and seen all the ‘standard’ offerings like unlimited time off, gym memberships, lavish parties. But now that I’m a dad, I can’t imagine anything better than the three months of paid leave my company gave me. There’s nothing more important than getting to spend time with my new daughter. (The health benefits are close second. I had no idea how often I’d be at the pediatrician!)” ~ Weston Y., Medical Sales Account Executive

“Summer’s off. Am I allowed to say that? Getting kids excited about science is a privilege and I can’t imagine doing anything else. But getting summers to travel and broaden my own horizons is an incredible perk, and always provides me with inspiration for new lessons that I bring to the classroom.” ~ Peggy U., Science Teacher

“Working out is important, but I always found myself deprioritizing it because of work responsibilities. At my new job, they reimburse me for my gym membership and my team works out together twice a week. Now I don’t have any excuses.” ~ Sonal W., Video Game Developer 

Channeling Creativity

Every job has some art in it

“A lot of people laugh when I say I’m my most creative inside a spreadsheet. But it’s true! There are so many formulas and features I can use to find data and uncover insights we wouldn’t find otherwise. The pivot table is my canvas.” ~ Nikki S., Tax Preparer

“I’m an artist and love creating intricate designs on my own, but what really gets me going is when I’m able to hear a clients’ vision and then bring it to life for them.” ~ Jenny S., Tattoo Artist

“Many of my clients are looking to get healthy so they can get back to playing the sports they love. Activities like surfing or swimming can’t be done at the facility, so I need to think of ways to replicate them within a gym setting. Inspiration can come from anywhere. For instance, last week I thought of a new core exercise when I saw my 6 month old daughter roll over onto her stomach.” ~ Carrie L. Physical Therapist

Happy Valentine’s Day from the ZipRecruiter team!

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