Why a Recent Grad Could Be Your Best Candidate

If you’re an employer looking to hire this summer, consider hiring a recent college graduate. In fact, hiring a recent college graduate could be the right decision for your company.

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Here are five reasons why:

1. Train them your way – without having to fix bad habits
One major benefit of hiring a recent college grad is that you will be the first to train them. You will be the first company who implements processes and policies. They will learn your systems first, how your company does things and what works for you. You won’t be burdened with the “well, at XYZ Company we did it this way.” And while new ideas are great, this is a golden opportunity to mold a new hire to be the star employee your company desires – without having to fix any bad habits developed in previous jobs.

The article Why Hiring Recent Graduates Is a Good Idea from DirectEmployers.org said this: “Not having come from an organization that did things one certain way, there’s no need for them to unlearn old habits. These new hires are ready to be molded to fit your company’s way of doing things, which can be a huge advantage.”

2. Ready, willing and able
If you’re looking to add some new ideas, new skills and new perspectives to your workforce or team, consider a recent college grad. While Millennials continue to get a bad rap, the reality is, there are many recent college grads ready to work hard and prove themselves. This is a great chance to hire that up-and-comer ready to make a name for him or herself. Follow step #1 (train them your way) and it’s a perfect match for a motivated and talented new employee to make an impact to your company.

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3. Emphasis on diversity and culture
Many employers are focused on improving their corporate culture and company brand. They want their workplace to become “the place” that job seekers want to go to for innovation and ideas that embraces diversity. And if that happens at your company college graduates are going to be the first to use social media to brag about your company – and that will help attract related and like-minded talent, boosting your company brand and reputation among the recent college grad and entry-level marketplace.

4. Technologically savvy
Remember how painful it was to hire that person who couldn’t learn your company proprietary software? How long did you spend getting them up to speed and training them on how to use the Intranet? With recent college grads, they’ve grown up around technology – and that’s a good thing. The sooner they can get up to speed on your company systems – which should not take long at all, the sooner they can get down to succeeding in the job you hired them to do.

Smaller learning curve = greater earning curve! Now we’re talking, right?

The article 4 benefits of hiring a college graduate added this about recent college grads and tech skills:  “This is not something they had to learn, it was simply the world they entered.”


5. It motivates current staff
Let’s face it, workers, no matter how dedicated they are, or how much they like their job, can get complacent. Hiring a rising young star, someone who is a go-getter, someone who has confidence and brings a new swagger to your business is going to motivate current employees. Sure, it also may alienate a few because it challenges them to have to perform but you want top performers and you want peak performers! Hiring that new college grad who is determined to succeed will rub off on existing employees. This can boost the performance of your entire staff – a real shot in the arm.

There are many benefits to hiring recent college grads, these are just a few of the reasons why a recent college grad may be your best candidate and the best hire for your open positions.

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