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Finally, some good news: Your hiring freeze is starting to thaw. And soon, you’ll return to doing what you do best — recruiting top talent for your company. But before you get back into the swing of hiring, you need to think about how much the world has changed since you were last seeking out great candidates. Your company is probably working remotely now. Your budgets have most likely decreased. Your staff might be smaller. And your priorities may have shifted. All of these things will affect how you hire, moving forward. 

So, before you start up again, you need to make sure that you’ve adapted to these challenges and you’ve got a revised recruiting plan in motion. 

Here are some things you can do to prep for hiring:

  • Cultivate your company’s brand to make sure you’re presenting it in a positive light. 
  • Set up a “work from home” system that succeeds in keeping the lines of communication open and your collaboration high. 
  • Conduct an analysis on your current vendors to determine which ones deliver the best ROI. 

We’ve got more smart ways you can gear up to start hiring again. For a detailed guide, consult our e-book Ready, Set, Hire! 

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