Celebrate Pi Day With These Jobs

A worldwide celebration of math, the universal language 

Happy Pi Day!

Whether you practice your multiplication tables, writing “HELLO” upside down on a calculator, or subtract slices from a blueberry pie directly into your mouth, there are lots of ways to salute the role that math plays in our lives.

What is Pi Day?

Recognizing the role math plays in our lives

The holiday occurs every March 14th, aka 3/14, aka 3.14—the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. If you’re a math lover, you already knew that. But something you may not know is that your math skills are in high demand among employers looking to hire right now.

Now every math teacher who has ever had students ask, “When will I ever use that in real life?” can point them to this list.

Popular Math-Related Jobs

Use your math skills in these roles

Here are some of the most popular jobs on ZipRecruiter that want to see you flex those math muscles.

Software Developer

Design and create software programs, applications, and systems by applying the principles of engineering, analytics, and computer science.

Data Analyst

Chart, examine, and analyze data using a combination of mathematical inspection, transformation, and modeling techniques.

Senior Software Engineer

Apply engineering principles to design, code, test, and maintain computer software while overseeing a team of engineers or developers.


Utilize the scientific method to research and analyze different aspects of the physical world to understand how things function and work on a deeper level.

High School Math Teacher

Instruct students in various levels of mathematics, as well as answer that famous question, “When will I ever use that in real life?”

Systems Engineer

Track various parts of an organization by creating, purchasing, and installing computer systems.

Mortgage Loan Processor

Help clients understand mortgage loan options, find the best loan to fit their needs, and walk them through the loan process from start to finish.

Senior Data Scientist

Merge statistics and programming knowledge to perform complex data analysis, write reports, and formulate machine learning and algorithms to solve problems.

Quality Control Technician

Define, document, and maintain a set of quality-assurance tests and procedures before, during, and after production to ensure products meet required expectations.


Record and analyze financial records, compiling and verifying transactions to ensure clients are financially efficient and compliant with lawful business practices.

Tax Preparer

Assist individuals and corporations in the organization, preparation, and filing of state and federal taxes.

Accounts Payable Specialist

Manage financial records, prepare bills, invoices, and financial statements, pay bills and ensure all numbers are accounted for.

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