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New Feature: Deal-Breaker Questions

Tired of weeding through candidates that don’t meet your basic requirements? We just added a handy new checkbox to multiple-choice questions in online interviews that will make your life easier!

They’re called “Deal-Breaker Questions” and now any multiple-choice question can be indicated as a deal-breaker by checking the box.  Once a candidate answers this question incorrectly, they will be automatically hidden in your candidates list, and will not be emailed to you.

Deal Breaker Questions

Of course, you can always see them by filtering by “Hidden Candidates,” but your time has been saved reading through an unqualified applicant.  Please note that the checkbox is not retroactive, and will only hide new candidates received once it is checked.

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New Feature: Embeddable Job Widget

We have just launched a super-simple way to instantly add your job listings to your own website – the Embeddable Job Widget. Here’s an example of what the widget looks like:

Widget Example

To use the widget, go to your ZipRecruiter Job Widget page and grab the 2-line snippet of code in the “Embeddable job widget” section.   Then paste this code into any webpage HTML to instantly publish a list of all your open jobs on your own company “Careers” page or wherever you’d like!

Widget Code

Each Hiring Company has its own job widget code, so you can control which job openings you want to display. Try the job widget today and let us know what you think!

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New Job Board Partner:

We are excited to announce the addition of to our list of partner job boards. By distributing all ZipRecruiter jobs to we have broadened the reach of our job distribution service to another one of the most visited job boards on the web. Post a job now to see ZipRecruiter in action!

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New Feature: Hiring Companies

After listening to feedback from our customers, we have just added the ability to create multiple Hiring Companies within each ZipRecruiter account. A Hiring Company represents an individual employer and can have a unique name, description, website, logo, header color and job page URL. This is a powerful feature that gives recruiters and staffing agencies the ability to post jobs for multiple clients from the same ZipRecruiter account.  For our customers who do not need multiple Hiring Companies, nothing has changed – all jobs will retain the account’s company name as the Hiring Company until a new one is created.

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Announcing ZipSites – FREE Recruiter Websites

We are proud to announce that we have just launched our ZipSites - FREE Recruiter Websites product.

Our goal for this project was to offer the simplest website-creation tool possible, with no programming or other advanced skills required to create your recruiter website in just a few minutes.


  • 100% FREE – no strings attached.
  • Edit the content at any time. No programming skills required!
  • 28 possible color and layout combinations.
  • Pick your website URL or use one you already have.
  • Automatically integrated to show ZipRecruiter job postings.
  • View a sample website

If you’re a Recruiter or Staffing agency already using ZipRecruiter, you’ll see the “Create a ZipSite” button on your dashboard.

New users can create their own free ZipSite here.

We look forward to receiving your feedback as we continue to enhance this brand new product!

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