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New Feature: Deal-Breaker Questions

Tired of weeding through candidates that don’t meet your basic requirements? We just added a handy new checkbox to multiple-choice questions in online interviews that will make your life easier! They’re called “Deal-Breaker Questions” and

New Feature: Embeddable Job Widget

We have just launched a super-simple way to instantly add your job listings to your own website – the Embeddable Job Widget. Here’s an example of what the widget looks like: To use the widget,

New Job Board Partner:

We are excited to announce the addition of to our list of partner job boards. By distributing all ZipRecruiter jobs to we have broadened the reach of our job distribution service to another

New Feature: Hiring Companies

After listening to feedback from our customers, we have just added the ability to create multiple Hiring Companies within each ZipRecruiter account. A Hiring Company represents an individual employer and can have a unique name,

ZipRecruiter Gets a Visitor!

Perry Martin just made our day. Perry is a job seeker who recently relocated to Southern California and just stopped by our office in Santa Monica to let us know how much he loves our

The Startup Cafe Interviews Ian Siegel

As part of an ongoing series of interviews with Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs, The Startup Cafe recently interviewed ZipRecruiter Co-founder Ian Siegel. Click here to read the full interview.

New Feature: Labels

After hearing our customers ask for a more powerful way to manage candidates, we have just launched the ability to add custom Labels to any candidate (or to any saved resume in the resume database).

New Job Board:

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added to the ZipRecruiter job board distribution list.  Jobs submitted through ZipRecruiter are now automatically posted to over 18 of the biggest free job boards and social sites across

New Feature: Bulk Job Actions

On the My Jobs homepage, we have just added some bulk job actions to make it easier to manage a large list of jobs. After checking the checkbox to the left of the jobs you

New Features 3/3/11

You may have noticed in our most recent update to ZipRecruiter we have done a few nifty enhancements to improve the user interface: ‘Duplicate job’ enhancement Now when you duplicate a job we give the

Homepage Redesign

You will notice we have redesigned your My Jobs homepage today. These changes were based on feedback directly from our customers, with the goal of  simplifying the page and highlighting commonly-accessed functionality. Here is a

Two more job boards added: and

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added and to the ZipRecruiter job board distribution list.  Jobs submitted through ZipRecruiter are now automatically posted to over 18 of the biggest free job boards and social

New Feature: Apply Click Counts

In addition to showing you the number of visitors to your job page, we have just added tracking for the number of clicks your “Apply Now” button receives. This allows you to track how many

Yakaz and OLX Added to Job Boards

We are happy to announce two more additions to the growing list of supported job boards on ZipRecruiter.  Yakaz and OLX are both large national classified listing sites that have large audiences of job seekers.

The 10 Types of Crappy Interviewees

I just can’t resist sharing these small bits of wisdom about interviewees. I’m sure we’ve all met one or more of these types before, right?  Using the ZipRecruiter hosted candidate screening interview, you can hopefully Added to Job Boards

We are excited to announce that has now been added to the growing list of job boards you can post to with one click through ZipRecruiter! This means that our subscribers now have instant

Tools vs. Workflow

The ZipRecruiter interface has gone through many iterations over the past few months while we honed-in on the most functional but simple user experience possible. While we have in no way perfected it, I feel

Open Beta Launch

ZipRecruiter has launched! If you’re hiring, come on by and join our satisfied closed beta customers, who are already using ZipRecruiter to attract and screen hundreds of candidates online. Create a short online interview Post to multiple free