Tools vs. Workflow

The ZipRecruiter interface has gone through many iterations over the past few months while we honed-in on the most functional but simple user experience possible. While we have in no way perfected it, I feel like we have come a long way and thought I would share one of the ways we refined things based on user feedback.

Originally on the My Jobs tab, we had a typical application “dashboard” design. We highlighted all of the items we thought would be needed for each job in large, clickable and friendly buttons (edit, preview, post, get link, duplicate, delete). These are similar in style to what you would see in a browser, for example.

Buttons interface
Original My Jobs buttons

However, after hearing from users that there was some general confusion on how to use our service, we decided that we needed to simplify.  We toned down these “tools” in favor of highlighting what is actually the workflow for our service clearly spelled out (1. Enter Job Description, 2. Create Interview, 3. Post to Job Boards and finally View Candidates).

We also further enhanced the page by adding clear visual progress indicators to convey what the user’s to-do list is for each job. We removed or minimized the original tools into small links underneath the job title, since we expect them to be infrequently used for most users.

Current My Jobs workflow (subject to change!)

By making this change, we accomplished a few very important goals:

  • Shortened the learning curve for our users
  • Clarified the value ZipRecruiter brings
  • Added clear progress indicators for each job
  • Mirrored the 4 tabs that provide navigation within each job
  • Created a page that seemed less like an intimidating, unordered toolbox and more like a simple and intuitive workflow

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