ZipRecruiter Saves Businesses Thousands of Dollars in Recruiting Fees launches a do-it-yourself web based alternative to paying a recruiter launches a do-it-yourself web based alternative to paying a recruiter

Santa Monica, CA March 16, 2010 — Founded by start-up veterans from, and ThisNext,, a do-it-yourself web based alternative to traditional recruiters became available to the public today.

Using ZipRecruiter, a company can post an open position to multiple free job boards with a single submission. To spare the hiring manager from reading the resumes of unqualified candidates, each applicant is put through an online interview created by the posting company. This simple solution has already proven effective for multiple beta customers and is now available to the broad market.

“The part that hooked me was the candidate screening,” says Steve Caldwell, VP Technology for CampusExplorer. “We only asked four questions and the best candidates literally leapt out at us. I wound up reading just a handful of resumes.”

Ian Siegel, co-founder of ZipRecruiter says the idea for the company came while reading through a stack of resumes at a prior company.

“Not only did I spend hours weeding through resumes,” said Ian, “but then I was phone screening what looked like the best candidates on paper by asking them all the same questions. The frustrating part was — regardless of what their resume said — many candidates obviously lacked basic skills required for the position. With ZipRecruiter each applicant answers the screening questions online before you ever need to look at their resume.”

Ian went on to say that the company is especially focused on reducing costs compared with traditional recruiting options. “Many companies don’t realize the volume of traffic going to free job boards. The number of applicants a company can draw from these boards now compares favorably to even the largest paid job sites. ZipRecruiter can save you thousands of dollars on a recruiter and hundreds of dollars posting to paid job boards.”

About ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter offers a do it yourself web based hiring solution as an alternative to recruiters. Founded in 2010, Ziprecruiter enables companies to post to multiple free job boards with a single submission and vet all applicants through simple-to-setup online interviews. Hiring personnel can toggle between applicants answers and resumes online as they collaborate to rate and select the best candidate.


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