308,745,535 vs. 3

Three people won roughly $150 million (lump sum post-taxes) in Friday night’s Megamillions record-setting jackpot drawing. I was not one of them. Neither were you.  Penniless misery loves company as there are 308,745,535 (2010 U.S. census population minus the 3 lucky winners) other Americans that didn’t win that night either.

They estimate that roughly 300 million Megamillions tickets were sold between Tuesday and Friday evening. I’d say that there’s a lot of people sick of their jobs out there. Or sick of looking for a job. Or for argument’s sake, they just don’t want to work forever and want to finally do all those things they said they’d do if they ever won the lottery.

So you didn’t win.  Now what? You go to work Monday… and Tuesday… and Wednesday… and pretty much every day until you die. Fun. But what about that age old high school guidance counselor question: if you won the lottery what would you do? If money wasn’t a concern, what would you still work on?

Singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen said he set a standard for himself, and that was to not work for pay but to be paid for his work. That nugget of wisdom I read an interview with Mr. Cohen resonated more deeply with me than the multiple (unread) copies of What Color is Your Parachute? (brown, maybe?) my Dad would give me for Christmas (annually) during college.

So what’s your work? Are you already doing it? If not, search ZipRecruiter for your new job today (there… I brought ZipRecruiter into it, finally). I love you.

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