Your Most Awkward Moments at Work

Our jobs are literally the ideal breeding grounds for awkwardness. You’re around people that you don’t really know, but actually kind of know really well because you spend the majority of your waking hours with them. You can’t really be yourself completely because of like, professionalism, but work is important and invokes a wide range of emotions – most people you work with probably know a lot of your business and what makes you tick.

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So, what happens when you spend all your time around people you half-know but probably don’t want to talk to that much, and also kind of want to impress to some degree? Well, you probably end up embarrassing yourself. We all do. It’s what makes life interesting. Here are some of the most awkward things that can happen at work, may they never happen to any of us.

1. Accidentally calling your boss Mom

“Hey Mom – I mean, um…”

2. Facing everyone on Monday after a wild happy hour Friday

…especially if there are photos. Pray everyone remembers even less than you do.

3. Unintentionally replying all to a department-wide email

“Everyone, please disregard my previous email that included a rant against our VP and a slew of inappropriate gifs. It was a typo.”

4. Forced kitchen conversations

Just microwave, and walk away.

5. When you make plans with your work bestie and an office rando tries to invite themselves

“Oh sorry, we have tickets”

“To happy hour?”


6. Elevators

AKA awkward jail

7. Signing a birthday card for someone you don’t know

Happy Birthday! You’re probably great?

8. Your boss catching you on Facebook

9. Making a fart noise, or even worse, farting

You can try to blame it on the chair, but we all know.

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Kylie Anderson is an L.A.-based writer who covered employment trends for the ZipRecruiter blog.

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